Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Behind Blue Eyes

This piece was shot back in the Fall of 2012 by the extremely talented Paul Dinh.  It was a pleasure working with him, the weeks leading up to the shoot he got the story, story boarded the vision I wanted, and really put a lot of personal touches into our interactions.

The past five years have been an amazing journey with so many layers, adventures, and apexes that I never thought would be awaiting me.  Since being brought back to my truest of loves (liquid) the ride has been everything from bliss to extreme madness to pain and of course flowtastic.  If you'd like my take on life it goes...

I don't know....
...but let go and see what starts happening

That is precisely what I started doing upon meeting a very special friend some years back.  He started teaching me that lesson in a variety of ways, consciously (in our many early talks near ponds at the tail ends of dates with alice), and unconsciously through his demeanor as a visionary.  The lesson really sank in though when he excommunicated me for reasons I still don't know to this date.  You never get it right the first time, well the lucky do, but to me luck is like wearing a loose fitting shoe on a white sandy beach.  Regardless, sometimes it takes a while and in my case I'm still learning that valuable lesson but after the events of the last year of my life I doubt I'll ever have to learn it with such painful precision.

This video highlights some key locations in the story that I'll be telling in the years to come, it shows off some interesting apparel that maybe only a few people will understand, and ultimately as far as dancing goes it's best.  This however is a tribute to the people who have inspired me most the past five years and definitely a preview into the storytelling aspect I hope to further in grain with the dance I love so much.

I don't consider myself an active member of the "community" these days, surprised I was able to hang around as long as I did and extremely grateful for the experience.  I genuinely have a problem with communities, organizations, establishments or what have you's.  To quote the man who this video is dedicated to...

"You have a problem with authority!"

I find that to be false, my problem doesn't stem with authority but more so the abuse of authority.  I have a hard time trusting the "good intentions" of others, especially when there is monetary incentives wrapped into things.  I do however really pride myself on Family and really attempt to deepen the understanding of family values with every year I'm privileged to spend dancing on this beautiful blue marble.  I of course am not speaking about the family you are born with (even though I'm extremely blessed in that right as well) but more so the ethereal  family that we are all apart of and consciously keep through our lives story.  So why I do support the community (and those in it who are real enough to see a man for a man and treat a man as a man) from a far, these days I lovingly give my most precious resources to my family.  So in a large way this piece is dedicated to them, us, what was, is, and of course what will be (VEGAS BABY!!!).

Finally though, most importantly I should say, this piece is dedicated to my father....
Tall, handsome, soft gentle blue eyes that when excited can pierce right through the very fibers of your existence.  I wish i was talking about me :D  He's an amazing man, always doing the best that he can for his family and the few he favorably has chosen to call friend.  At this moment we aren't on speaking terms (take a number) but I know in the days, weeks, months, or if necessary years to come we will share that amazing bond that has at sometimes driven us to tears of love.  Yep, we are some sensitive sally's but as most of you might know our bite is deep.  I love him!  He's helped shape me into the man I am today in so many ways and even though he's contradicting himself at the moment, he always told me to do whatever makes me happiest.  He told me that I should reach far and stop at nothing to shape the world into the beautiful image I've had cultivated in my heart since I was a tiny tom.  He gave up a youthful rebellion, passed on poetic prophecies to stabilize an existence for me and my very young mother.  Flawed in all the ways you'd expect a young father to be but never was he without a job to bring the resources needed for my growing.  Our story is filled with laughs, shouting matches, wish you were there's, missing photos (i'll never forgive myself for losing that), and some of the best hugs I've ever known.  Dad you are probably one of the only people on this earth who truly understands me and that's why it hurts so much to have to do this.

So please enjoy the video, share it, subscribe to my channel there is so much good stuff coming out this year, and above all thank you for your time.  I find it interesting, TIME, for what it's worth doesn't exist but seems to be the most valuable resource we posses on this journey.  I hope to always honor the time you give me and am truly grateful for it.

Much love, many blessings

also known as Poot
also known as TJ
also known as that guy who threatened my family
also known as that lunatic with multiple personalities that drew a knife on me
also known as the other Tom
Also known as TomAsina
also known as Thomas John Dennis

So many stories, choose to read and believe whichever one suits you most.