Monday, July 5, 2010

Back at them Keys

It's the day after that holiday where things sparkle and fall from the sky. They call it independence day and I don't know that this year the theme has ever rung truer. We are the fiends we fear most but were also the angels our friends & family so greatly confide in.

I wake up, not really sure I've slept, and I have some activity going on with my phone. It's her, she use to live where I live but then she found love or it found her and now I run around the community with her cat. Something about coming over, will I be around, and me saying wake me up...I thought I might go back to sleep...that is if I slept.

I have internet again so I go about posting THIS around everywhere; the results are hilarious and get my sulking down to a minimum. My father calls, this lowers the sulking, Izzy shows up and I get to watch the monkey splash about, sulking almost all gone...Christo verbally smacks me back down to what we'd all call earth....I love my friends...

So I go on a mini adventure with one of my favorite females, we discuss anxiety, love, the reason why she loves Red Stripe and at the check out I learn I have no future as a bagger. We head back home and scoop Mr.Chicago, he ran a lot, and in between the deep breathing you can tell he is pleased with himself for pushing it a few more miles.

Back at the crib I pack my things, pack her things, grab my things, and drop my car at the train station. Then worlds best married couple (two years in the running) pick me up and we drive down to that sparkling city. That city where if you have the right type of badge, a microphone, a mobile PA system and a hearty with change falls from passer byers....sometimes dollars....mostly change :)

I kick it in front of the apple store, my buddy Matt and his girl Alice come to say hello. Hello turns into sammichs, doobie snacks in a park, and me smashing at the millenium station for a few hours. I make some loot, make some kids laugh, and bug a lot of people out. It's the type of tightrope act I think I've been searching for.

This year I do it for FLOASIS...After that I do it for myself and my CITY.

Matt and I scoot about the loop and I dismantle a couple of Mormons without breaking stride. They were riding bikes carrying a sign that said this bit about them knowing truth. I couldn't help...I mean could you?...So I engage (Kathlean probably wouldn't approve). They start by asking me questions and within 2 minutes they are fumbling to answer mine, a meeting of the minds, and we part ways beliefs in tact but having learned something from the other.

A very pretty girl from lake forest puts five in my bucket outside the train station and forces me to slay the entire side walk with some Dubstep. Which pretty much alerts the authorities and ends my night of dancing. I meet a couple of with two R's, guess their ages, and leave them with insightful stickers. Slap around an athiest before stepping back out into that lovely lombard air.

I feel accomplished, sore, hungry, but definitely independent. She didn't come get her things, can't say I'm extremely mad, it's just the way its gone and will probably always go. Hence the let go and the increase of flow. Hey's my voice coming along dude :D

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