Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chicago's Featured Artist

The above is a great article written by Anne Ford for the Chicago Reader.  I hope you get a chance to check it out and help spread my story about.  I'll be picking up a ton of hard copies this afternoon, so if you'd like me to save you one, please just let me know, and I'll tuck one away for ya.

If you are finding this blog via the reader article WELCOME!!!  Feel free to explore previous posts, SUBSCRIBE, and get ready to watch this blog explode.  In the coming month I'll be heading out into the unknown, to find myself, pieces of those I love most, re-capture the american spirit I know still burns bright, and satisfy this never ending urge to out do myself.

I'm still in Chicago at the moment, you can catch me slinging poetry in places like, Millenium park, grant park, Lincoln park......actually, just about anywhere people sit and relax.  I'll also be performing with a circus group at "North Coast" music festival next week.  I hope to hit the road, first week of October, and will be starting my journey in Tampa Fl after I get to visit my family for a bit.

I feel truly blessed to be on the path I am on and although this summer has been extremely difficult, moments like this make it all worth the struggle.  Thanks for taking the time to read, hope you stay, hope you share, and I hope you find inspiration to breath life into all your dreams as well.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Time and the living ain't EZ

...Like a lot of days this summer...
Was a big challenge!

Seems as if my friend and I can't really catch a break out on those streets.  We got shoe'd away from a spot we've been using the past two months with no problems.  It really feels like authority just makes up the rules as they go but luckily TMY found a hilarious loop hole that will buy us at least one more go round at this very dope spot.

After we peddle our bass else where it was business as usual but my knee was feeling extra taxed.  It's been hard to limp on through the summer, I want to smash, and feel like 1/2 a dancer these days.  I do my best to not get mad and definitely not push myself to hard.  Try to pull people into our show, expose the dance to new eyes, and kick about tid bits of humor.  Called it an earlier-ish night, TMY took the PA with him, which left me free to run about the killing fields and sling some poetry.  Caught my first bit of really resistence out there but walked away with an understanding with the grounds keepers.  It's tricky business but I love a challenge and it was great interacting with the groups I did this evening.

The rest of the evening has been a lot of running around with little results.  My body is tired, I'm a long way from home, and should probably start trecking back.  So much to do in the next month, I can't wait to set out on this journey, and see what adventure I can bring to life.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm a real BOY!

I wake up, go back to sleep, have rich graffitti dreams, and then wake up.  On a couch, the western burbs, and in the comfort of five years past.  I'm allowed to use a phone and call Anne from the "Chicago Reader".  She begins interviewing me for a piece on Chicago independent artists.  I'm extremely flattered for the oppurtunity and know that this is largely to do because of one great friend.

Izadora Angel!
If you don't know her, the above should give you an idea, but it barely scratches the surface.  We've trudged through the times like only lifetime friends can.  The passing years have been amazing to watch her become a wife, loving mother, and still keep a ferocious pace with all her individual pursuits.  I feel honored and blessed just about everytime we meet.  Oh! and if you don't know, we have TEETH!  I've recently been told civil folk don't show them and as this year continues to wash over me I have to laugh.  There is something to be said about directing energy towards a hopeless cause or even getting riled up over someone/thing that doesn't really matter (in the long scheme of things).  Then there is this to say...
...If you step within the sphere of things I love most, if you come with would be good intentions but show yourself to be a snake.  Then, you get TEETH, and you feel HEAT!  If you care to judge me from a superior moral pedestal then enjoy the nosebleed while I enjoy being free from your annoying energy.  I love the gritt of this women and how continually in life we've helped the other rise to the challenges people place in our paths.

So I go through the process, answer the questions, give, take, and there is a lot of laughing.  I feel extremely validated and can't wait to see what this wonderful journalist comes up with.  "The Reader" is an amazing resource in the good ole windy, many people see, smell, and ingest the contents daily.  To have this interview take place now is a great omen in my life.  Anne really honed in on the travels I'll be taking to this year and digging into the book I'm attempting to write.  I hope this brings a lot of people to this page and allows me to widen the net I'm trying to cast.  I have a message, a story, an experience to share, and the timing feels right.

So grateful
So undoubtly blessed
and the Bears haven't even begun yet!

Keep reading friends, I'll keep being, and let's just see where it all goes

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

40$ are you serious!!!

So I ride with mama bear to her boot camp and dump all the access frustration that was just placed on me by an overbearing ego.  She soothes and informs me that I'm an anchor of rare sorts.  A mirror of perplexing sorts and not to give up heart.  So we part ways, I walk, grab a one day pass, consider flocking myself but head to millenium park instead.

I get there as the performance has just ended a few minutes ago, so, I take to combing the killing fields for some warm faces that would like a personal performance, and this evening...well...

So far I've been doing this for two months, go up, ask for three words, and write a piece of poetry on the spot.  When I did it at jazz fest, some very nice man gave me 23 bucks for the piece of poetry I came up with.  This evening, an extremely loving group of people put 40 bucks in my hat, and then got me extremely tipsy.  All so I could continue on through out the evening and spread more inspiration to unsuspecting captives.

I've found a rhytmn with this and won't pump the breaks for anyone.  It's great to be valued and share with a variety of new faces everynight.  I came into the park tonight with 2 dollars to my name and a nagging feeling of failure nipping at my soul.  I left, drunk, with more money then I could have ever hoped, and elated with all the patience I've shown this summer.  There is still much more to do but I'm celebrating in the here and now as I write this.

Tomorrow will be a team tomahawk masacre that these city streets have yet to see!  Believe!  In all the unseen that most called me a freak for previously acknowledging.  So grateful, so blessed, and all I wish is to share it with every single soul I connect with.