Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hey, wanna talk about it?

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I've been feeling the backslide since my birthday and this weekend I'm firmly pumping the brakes on it all.  Getting back to the things that matter and pwning life.  The past few days have been a low (for me) and it all came crashing to a head with a not so good exchange between my sister and I.  There were many things about the exchange that really agitated me but I've only come here to share a few with the internet.

Oh! Internet!

I love you...
The meme's
Pointless youtube videos and even more pointless bantering back n forth comments about peoples subjective takes on things
Can't forget that social cesspool known as facebook
...truly I love you

You show us just how myoptic man kind can be in the face of it's saving grace.  I'm aware that the above aren't really what the internet is about.  However, I find a lot of people I interact with really gravitate to those things, and what's worse build their lives around them.  The saddest part for me, is just watching the deterioration of peer to peer communication these past few years and feeling rather helpless with it all.  I do what I can, where I can, hell, writing this is an attempt to re-connect people with that lost art of talking to strangers and dare I say...Loved ones.

Our advances in communication have given us the ability to reach across the globe and interact with people we may never come to meet personally.  I find this to be remarkable and have definitely improved as an artist because of these advances.  However, as I walk about my day to day, I see people locked in their boxes, and paying no mind to the very souls sitting next to them.  It's as if this desire to only speak to whom we want to, when we want to, has made us def to the underlying cries of sorrow that sometimes sit a few feet away on the bus.  O.k., yes, the heart is bleeding, on my digital sleeve, but this sort of apathy doesn't spring up over night.  It is planted, in us, in our communities, and I'm not wise enough to know but can't help but feel it serves a greater purpose to a greater few.

So, back to my problem at hand, and I know...
...It's my problem...or as I like to think of it...Lesson.

She, thinks, because she saw me comment on a picture via that book of faces, with someone I told her previously I have no communication with (his choice), that I'm lying to her, and actually can speak to him.  As this all settles in my heart, I'm scared for the future, because I didn't get a phone call, and we sure didn't get to talk it out face to face.  For what seems like the 10th time in as little as two months, I got the axe from someone I didn't mean to get it from, and I'm left laughing to myself alone in this warehouse play land.  When we fail to talk things out, communicate our intentions, and re-establish common ground distance becomes vast.

So tomorrow I'll have more time to think about it all and wait patiently to do the thing I enjoy doing 3rd most with people...talking :D  Guess I'm old school or something of that nature but to me it's what works.  Just because ya talk things out, doesn't mean both parties are going to be bud's, or everything is o.k. but at least the process is starting to come back to the middle.

My internet plea...
Talk to your surroundings, listen when they talk back, and keep the lines of communication open.


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