Monday, May 17, 2010

May might make or break me

The days fly by in a fury and I do my best to document it all. My internet has been touch and go at my residence, plus I don't spend that much time there, and I'm not really allowed to write about whats been going on in my life. So I'm taking the time while my clothes tumble round the dryer to document some of the recent goings on in my world.

I've pretty much pulled back and away from the party scene in general. I was actually putting more money in then I was making, getting extremely frustrated with being told one thing and having another happen. So, I bowed out gracefully, while there was still grace to be had, and I've left a pretty reasonable list of demands.

If you'd like me to pound the pavement for your party, I'll need 50 dollars up front, and that seems reasonable. All the driving, time, energy, and what not. The money goes into a savings account to help with the approaching Liquid Conference in October. Then there are the booths, the free things I give away at parties, the overall good times I bring to parties, that's 50 dollars as well, and with it comes a wide range of fantastic to enhance whatever party I get booked for. I don't think I'm asking to much and at this point I've done 6 months of free parties for everyone. This is no disrespect to any crew or what have you, just me realizing that the time could be better spent at my job making for sure money, and not chasing loose promises from other men.

With that being said it actually makes me pretty sad that I'm not doing those crazy things every weekend. I enjoy enhancing parties, meeting new peeps, and building up more momentum for my cause.

Speaking of...Found a venue!!! Going to start working for them here and there. Try to help improve the overall condition of the place so by the time October comes it's bubbling with anticipation.

By the way Sean is the coolest person ever. That would be Sean J @ the grill. He's so super swell and awesome. His jokes are always funny and he has a million crazy ideas. I often think if more people were like Sean civil unrest would be a thing of the past. Yep, that Sean guy, he's what you'd call amazing, all around just spectacular person, and seems to get more amazing as the years go on. I don't mean to gush but should meet him sometime. Ask him about when he fought a Kodiak bear with just his tooth brush. Or the time that he saved an entire bus filled with girl scouts from a scud rocket. That SeanJ one amazing mountain of a man, just thought everyone should know.

Oh yeah! the venue...
The owner seems to like me a lot and I'm already tossing ideas with the guy who does the bookings. So I don't want to be overly hopeful but it seems like a sure thing ;) Funny how those things in life tend up taking a swing to the left or right in the later moments. I have not the time nor need to worry about that at the moment. What I will do is massage that connection in the best way possible and hope that everything goes swimmingly.

Jimmys is going BLEH!!! The weather is still being a bit bitchy but ya know the seasons change when they are damn good and ready. I'm on board, been training some new peeps, and I feel like this year over all has a lot more promising wait staff then the year prior. I've also just recently secured another job, helping a friend of mine open up his first business, and I'm extremely pumped about it. The pay isn't the best but then again I'm just doing it for extra loot to support my conference. Work WORK work!!! It's what I do, it's what I've done, and if you love what your doing it rarely feels like work :D

I don't know...I want to write so much about the person I've been dating but I've already been warned that it's not allowed. Which is extremely off putting to me because I write, other than dance, it's what I do the most through out my days. So now there is like this giant empty void in my writings and as tensions rise I have no way to say to myself the things I'd like to say. I stash some of my thoughts in my little white book, continue to stew and cook.

These days, I spend my time socializing with various peoples as that decide between a wrap or a burger. I value my time with those people before the food comes out. I learn a lot, I share a lot, and most importantly I practice. EVERYDAY!!! I practice and push myself to hone the skills I have. I look at the type of entertainer I'd like to be and am so thankful for my job at Jimmy's.

The next few weeks are going to be so much fun...

I get to go out to Detroit for a festival and connect with a whole grip of dancers. Run around with one of my favorite peoples and introduce her to our little yearly midwestern event. I get to hustle hard for the conference, selling T-shirts, and handing out Donation cards.

Then the next week I head out to Baltimore to meet up with another grip of dancers. Most of them I've only known through and have yet to speak person to person with. I'll be in a car with a dude name Hgitch and I'll be picking his brain all weekend. Lot's of dancing, shaking of hands, and spreading my cause about the east coast.

Then I get back into another car and head down to Texas to watch my good friend Brandon get married. To me, this is going to be the best road trip of them all, and I'm seriously stoked. Brandon and his soon to be wife have the real thing. I can see it, feel it, and am so glad I get to watch them cement their lives together.

Work in between...dreams at finger tips. I hope ya'll are doing great and hopefully we cross paths soonish.

Oh yeah! that seanJ guy, he knows things about stuff and isn't afraid to share his knowledge. Wow what a great dude.

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