Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This one is about you...


I bump into you, I usually drum up something to say, and you well...

Sometimes your conservative, other times your anxious, then again I find you so elusive slipping round to bump into the next person, but all the while I love the various ways I run into you. Pep in the step, another leg up or possibly down, so glad we met, and I hope I helped with the frown.

YOU!!! Yes him too and lets make sure to not forget about her.

Sure, the faces blur, sometimes the stories overlap, but the fact that we interact and affect the outcome of each others daily's has me working on this little thing called tact. I wish there was enough of me to properly greet, meet, and thank you. Oh so many of You but none that I love more then the next.

This is of course as long as we keep it breezE because believe me, when my motor gets to running even I get queezE. bup bup bup...Let's keep it spring time fresh and to the point.

YOU! the shattered brilliant reflections of who I hope to be, can never be, and thankfully only get to see through my random bump ins with...YOU & YOU & you too...I love you, keep changing, and don't ever stop smiling.

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