Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kings of every corner

So we set out, at first there was only three, and then we stopped by to grab another. We set up over by the Damen stop on the blue line because another was gona come. We set up, the initial three, and we instantly start spreading the sickness. The one we stopped by to grab shows up and he's brought another. So this means there is many more then we had initially planned on being there...this is good! A group of burnt out junkies begins freestyle rap battling me as I construct squares from my limbs. His breath smells like 3day old cheeseburgers, he has a dollar store money sign gold chain on and is clearly wearing a womens tank top. I point this out to him, he leaves, and everyone gets a quick chuckle.

The energy is thick and were starting to warm up to the idea of destroying every inch of this city with our dancings. Sort of like holding Chicago for ransom...
"If you don't put money in our bucket and help support our conference, then we will level all the buildings with our awesomeness."
Some people take us seriously and change begins to find it's natural resting place. However, once another one of us gets off the train and meets up I decide maybe...possibly...this isn't the best place because people aren't forced to stop and partake in the dancings.

So we head across the street, set up on a corner, and bam! from out of no where four more peoples show up!!! WTF!!! I'm looking at this new corner were at and realizing that this might not be enough space for the mobile disco party we have acquired. So I stake out a new corner, it looks lush, and catches 3 intersections, and that just might be all we need. So we set up and before I can hit play on the iPod another rides up on his bike. YIKES!!! The weather is nice, so many great people to kick it with on the corner, and we take to doing what we know and love most. DANCE!!!

One of them, she's what we'd call a badass, keeps putting dollars in the to tell the passer byers, it's o.k.....this is a good thing. She also gives some out to other people to splash into the bucket and this greatly improves the results of the nights work. Her and I are in competition, she's greatly winning at the moment, but I won't be outdone. To side track, by the end of this evenings adventure I had a wad of singles on me that would make most strippers jealous...A-List status!!! Thanks for that friend and I'm a firm believer of that goings arounds theory.

We pass out business cards, get coins in the bucket, some folded, and before you know it...SPLASH!!! Wet stuff rains down on the all of us, we move in doors, and take our party to those who try to pull money out of the ATM. You'd think that was a proactive move but we made no money and I think irritated a bum or two.

Since the weather took a dump on our dancings we decide to do what water does best and go around this new obstruction. Picking up our things, racing in different directions, we relocate in the underground, and start moving about various subway platforms. We lose a few peoples but still have a nice gang of smiling faces to help us with our days mission. The chunes echo through the subway walls and people slowly but surely come check out all the crazy finger twiddlers. We end up stacking another nice little chunk of change and some greenbacks. Then we decide to take an extremely long train ride to the Kinetic Playground.

Not a whole lot going on there but we have a celebratory drink and do some finger twiddlin. It's not to long till the night closes down around us and were riding the red line back to the blue line and parting ways. I sit with one remaining dance alley and philosophize bout life love and the pursuit of liquids. The day was a success on so many levels and I know it will keep me glued together as I get smashed by a brutal work week.

Cast of characters in no particular order
Little Rachel
Chris the Tbagging ninja
That kid with the trippy laces
Mr Migz 2.0
Plainest to the Whitest
Vlad the impaler
BreakShit Brittany
BassPhreek aka window smasher

I think that covers them all...
...These people are a large reason we will succeed this year and I'm forever in debt.

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