Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hope you enjoy the winter

I sit in this broken chair
wondering why on earth I still care
sitting in the stillness of inky black regret
I sit withered writing a million blank checks
Now I know...
Action, Consequence, remorse, relapse
I told you "No" so many times and still your persistence wore me into something shameful
The light switch however has been long busted and mangled
ALONE, I SIT, with no wit left to strangle
hunting down an angle
That just might make me feel a little bit better about these past two months
I have a hunch, actually, it's a really bad back
and a knee that only gets worse attached to that
Teeth that rot
And a mind that sputters in circles non stop
I TOLD YOU "NO" because you had more then a few chances
and now I come to learn that you realized you loved me only after I'd lost all hope
after you choked
and broke
down every inch of what I had so boldly dreamed
I'm just shortening the words you called me
Bastard son with a long list of unchecked felonies
Whose suffered worse
and whose more to blame
I'll sit in my busted chair and suck back the shame
While you write another chapter about heart ache and pain
I live with very few regrets on this path I blaze
But showing you all I am will forever haunt my days

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