Thursday, October 14, 2010

Before I lay me down to sleep...

I write these words for my brain to keep...

I'm getting ready to blast off!

So much time, hard work, and love has been put into this up coming event. I've seen the best and worst sides of me; especially these past few months, and I can't say I'd change a thing. So many people helped, with a few hurt along the way, but all if it truly done for the love.

I'll spend my few remaining weeks here, making emends, strengthening the most important friendships, patching up broken hearts, and soaking the lovely Chicago city with my liquids. I don't claim to be much these days, I've been really doing my best to not make those little promises to myself, the ones that drive me into fits when I fall short, and I'm starting to feel way more then alright.

Someone recently asked me...
"Do you think you'll fall again?"
They were talking about "love" and it's really funny because the place I live in (Broasis Laboratories) comes with a real special gift. All the previous occupants that have lived in this basement have found true love. DEEP LOVE!!! Life changing!!! When my relationship snapped and went way south I felt like a failure. I came back to this place and was so confused, not because I'm superstitious but because part of me wants that feeling so bad. Then as the depression washed away, as I started to pick myself up and realize exactly where I belong I came to a startling conclusion...

...I have found it. That rising feeling that chokes you out, sometimes pinching your eyes with the happiest of tears, and makes your insides feel like a balloon. I definitely found it and made it official...

She's my one and only...well...I do cut rugs in many ways but never have I felt freer. Never have I known it to be so feverishly found in forever. So as these next few weeks wager on and I come closer to completing my objective a large thanks goes to all those that saw this LOVE before me and helped fan the flames. This has been an amazing ride and I can't wait to see where it lets off.

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