Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What it means to be Fluid...

So recently I was told that I'm not fluid...and this irritated me a great deal. Then a few days after I was chilling with some extremely fluid friends and brought it up. One of them said...

"ya know, thats a really good question, and one that would have a deep answer."

So...a few days later I sit in front of these keys and hope to bring some personal insight to what it actually means to be "fluid"

I relate fluidity to water...but I think this is to simple it's what first springs to mind. I think being fluid is being unstoppable, persistent, and adapting to all things.

I flow, when I write, when I dance, when I speak, and as I live. Life has a natural current, it carries us along if we will let it, and yes there are rocks. Jagged little reminders that the body isn't made to be TIMELESS (see blue scholars). Still though, with those knicks and bruises we develop character. Most every time in my life that I've fought the current and didn't flow freely i've suffered the most.

Been going about this life, in this vessel for 28 years, and I'm as hard headed as they come. Still I gain comfort in overcoming my weakness and surrendering to the natural pull of life.

I think the person was speaking about my dance...saying, "It wasn't fluid". I sure am glad that he said that because it's sparked a great wonder in my brain and has me picking that word apart from many angles.

Maybe I need to drink more water...?
Practice my paths more...?
Or just go with the ole flow, keep doing what I've been doing, and see how the end result rewards me. Because no matter what I'm extremely happy in my dance and with my dance.

Happy doesn't = Content

I'll continue to push the limits, learn new concepts and practice harder then most I know.

To me what it means to be fluid...
...To be free in motion

And I feel freest when I dance the little dances I dance best :)

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