Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new Year!

I sit
in the comforts of a cozy prison cell
a little lit
listening to tunes on random
taking it all in...
Today I slang wings, tried to make dollars, but of course the whole thing is stacked against me. So I left with more money then I came in with and that these days is a sign of great success. I brush my pride to the side, and ride. On the way home I play some old favorites by "the Weakerthans" and watch a dazzling array of homemade firework shows litter the skyline. Florida is much more laxed on their firework laws then Illinois...they seem to be much more laxed on laws in general.

Anyways, I get home from an exhausting day of doing the damn thing, and find my dad attempting to slay dragons. It's almost like, the roles have switched, and I watch my son sink his sword into passer byers, toss fire, and I can't help but sit on my own tongue. I gather some grub, talk about the day, and soon I'm making my way down the block to some newish acquaintances I've made. The notion, get drunk, clang some drinks, do the counting thing, and re call the beauty that was 2010.

What a year!!!

I mean, the highest of highs and truly the lowest of lows
So much self respect and then on the same hand buckets of..."I could of done better"
I guess at the close of the year I find myself at a wash, not a loss, but ya know, the boss. This master narrative won't write it's self, so here i sit, clicking away, listening to great chunes, and doing what comes even more natural then dancing. Type TYPE click click!

Stolen cars!
Trips to museums!
Cuddle parties in sleeping bags!
Little Girls and Cheetahs!
Oh the dancings!
Brownie Cheesecake!
Trays of brownies!
Cops n Acid!
You can find me On THE GRILL!
Spinning something spun just for FUN!
Ninjas Vs Pirates 3yrs n counting!
Kinetic, free entries, back peddling making me with I had n attorney, Oz n his loose pours!
Cta n syncronicity!
Back to Bridges!

That is just off the top of my extremely scattered head. This past year, wow, so many friends, so many memories, so much madness, and I'm so happy I dove in head first!

However, as I sit, next to this roaring fire, taking it all in, these new people, some of which I might one day call friend, I'm reminded that I'm thousands of miles from where I'd like to be, and that feeling is crippling. Three horsemen!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! probably holding it down, hand swatts, hand slaps, passings of flows, all the things I love n know...and me...staring into buring embers hoping to catch a glimpse of it all. If I learned anything at the start of this year its that campfires aren't crystal balls.

So group of minors join us and the new gang of degenerates I'm hanging with quickly get them drunk. This guy, his name is Mike, he sort of looks like a down on his luck Santa, starts telling me about, "Center Block", he's wasted, been drunk since early evening, and I do my best to keep my opinions to myself. It's a funny think alcohol, it gives the tongue lithe like wings, and lets pride loose from it's sling. I scratch the dogs ass ass frequently...his name is Rocky and he loves attention. I slug back shots of rupplemints and avoid the Natty Ice....light...and know that everything will be more then alright.

SIDE NOTE: Yo! did you see Dick Van Dyke?!??!?! I feel so sad for that guy? Why was he on TV? The plastic surgery is just way to obscene and since the stroke, ya know, he's ummmm a little less then articulate. Just saying!!! n wtf?!?!?!? Backstreet boys w/ New kids on the Block??? Were they staging some sort of coo against Nysnc? Would Justin Timberlake re-unite? Is Chris Brown still beating women........My mind wanders on.

So uhhh, yeah!


...I'm terrified of you. However, I was terrified of your little brother too and got a lot done. SO! Tomorrow, comes a large bitch smack to the daily routine, and a hope to put all other resolutions to shame. It's really fucked up to me, last year, this time, I was on top of stacks of speakers with a microphone, three piece suit, vibing with 900 bodies, and this year staring at this screen. Can't say I'm sad, not really happy, but I am DRUNK!!! hahhahahahhaha

It's been a wild ride, no seatbelt, and I take the turns cackling like a true mad man!!! I dare you, to get chin checked at least once or twice this year. Make your self esteem do a few back flips and push yourself to some new limits. From what I'm told...
...We only got one more left in us...GASP!!! will you spend it.
All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day, put the pieces back together my way...
The puzzle has many pieces, I put em in place, when n where I can, and man so far the results have been amazing. Much LOVE to you and yours! 2010 was my year I hope 2011 is yours!

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