Thursday, February 2, 2012

They don't make em like this anymore

Tall, like willis towers tall, I'm sitting outside it actually takin the morning commute in.  I half hoped to bump into that heart atttack of a women who owns me.  False delusions, intruisions of what a lost heart would like to of would a been.  I kick around bass cleffs on city steps with the twisting tips of my fingers. No candle to burn anymore, just embers, the pheonix has blown the coop into a sight for seared eyes and sullen pride.  I imagine at the 1/2 way point I might make sense of the intense instrument I've been sent.  Still though high hats and bass kicks splash in a wide arrangement and my knuckles never buckle...I just swig some gatorade and await my train to take me to friends that very much need a happy face.  As I clock hours on my powers I mentally juggle the week ahead of me and begin to prepare for a much needed vacation.  I don't take the time to think about how sore ill be because I have a full 24hrs off before I'm stuffed back into that white uniform and made to dance for far less then what I'm worth.  GRIND! Hard slow steady and true because that's what I was born to do.  A smirk round houses my face and I become over joyed with this place.  This city! All its heart, splendor, and grace...blood shot but still blue...I finally understand what grad school kids go through <3

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