Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A rapist wit

I exist
Tumble weeds, forgotten dreams and shit
Fully, totally, soley, and mostly equippd
A hardwired mind to turn shit
Into wit
Thumb tacts, broken glass, and cement
Into patched tires and popped out dents
And intense mess
Flashing memory games like simon
I'm a
Headcase hobbling down hospital hallways in some stolen scrubs
I'm a
Protogol son of no one
Running round with phazers on stun
Next to no one
Except for a billion bob barker wannabes
Handing out high fives, heartaches, ad what's meant to be
For the better part of my century
Talking tuff but learning not to talk at all cause eventually
Everyone turns their back
No longer looking to laugh
Just pressing play on the track
And seeing how the bruises choose to stack
Punchlines on speed dial
Allibys dated, validated, and profiled
So when I meet your sickness in an alley
We'll make def comedy jam look like alf
Or alf like the hendersons
A hilarious henchman
Coasting towards less then honorable mention
But that's all a matter of perception
Adjust your glasses
Fake ass actresses
Study the footage to find
A one of a kind genuine mind
That won't dare define your disease with an infinite amount of time
Pigeons play with holes I just honor my grind

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