Sunday, June 17, 2012

Behind blue eyes

This is a pre-poetry blast for the music video I'm working on to honor the man, behind the man, my main man, my dad! :D

No one knows what it's like...
Well maybe he does
We often get mistaken for as brothers
I think that's o.k. with him for a variety of reasons
it's definitely alright with me because I'm easy like the changing seasons
Tall & Skinny
and to put it not so simply
We care, much to much to much, and huff!
Like that big bad wolf inside us
isn't that tuff
If you've had the misfortune of loving one of us
well, sorry...but!
If you have the grandiose pleasure of loving us still
then you know what it's like
at least on those greener grasses
Clowns at heart
but you know what they say about that
So if you are reading, raise a glass
Cheers to the man, whose helped make this man into everything you either love or can't stand
I'd be nothing without him and thank god for that daily
He's been becoming more and more proud of me
which I didn't think possible
So on this day of unlikely role models
My conviction doesn't dare wobble
He is my hero, my shoulder, and one of the few people on this earth that can ever truly reach me
Thank you father for all the love, lessons, and things you've been able to teach me.


  1. Hey Tom! It was good bumping into you the other day. It reminded me to check out your blog! I still have the poem you gave me.

    Looking forward to more insightful thoughts! See you around!

    -Jonathan (Guy from Wicker Park)

    1. Hey Jonathan!
      Hope you subscribed to keep tabs on me, comment, and share in this grand experience.