Wednesday, November 7, 2012

3rd times the charm

I wake on an extremely nice leather couch, a large furry dog licking my face, and instantly my spirit gives haste.  My friend annie was nice enough to let me stay with her and I go about. leaving various surprises for her to find in my absense.
I enjoy random acts of kindess, I guess at this point they aren't so random in my world, but I hope those that find them are pleasently surprised.
I get down into the loop, walk to the south shore line, hop the train and not to long I find myself in the land that time forgot...Hammond.  Soon enough flowington pulls up and we are on our way to route i65.
Drum and bass splashes through the speakers and not much is said.  Guess we've said it all through the insanity that has been this year.  We pull off on the first exit available and into the driveway of a psyhics house; no appointments needed.  I pass some white paint to one of the most insperational artist in my life and we hug swapping croissant crumbs from our jackets.
Hitch hiking is hilarious!
The first car that picks me up is a latino man and whati assume to be his mother.  First question.
"Are you a killer?"
To which I laugh and ask.
"Are you?"
We trott along the highway, the two of them share spanish sentences, and all to soon I'm being let off.  I get about 5 miles down the road and I'm happy.  Anything to get the pack off my back and miles are miles.  So we part ways and I smile.  I really start laughing when 10 minutes later he passes me again on the highway.  Sort of like "wtf?" But still laughing and marveling at why on earth he picked me up in th first place.
I do a bit more walking, when all of a sudden a car comes cruisin to the side.  They have a POW sticker and when I get in the car he's wearing a bears hat.  I'm wearing my military jacket and a bright orange bears hat so this ride makes sense.  What doesn't make sense is them dropping me off one mile down the road.  I just laugh loudly again and wonder how many cars I'll ride in through out my experiences.  He was chain smoking from what I could tell so I wasn't to hurt by being sidelined again.
Trecking on down the road, I have my sites set for this rather large truck stop that is supposedly a few miles down the road, and I walk.

All to soon a car pulls over and an extremely friendly fellow is waving me on. Steve and mike are attending a yearly conference in lousville, Kentucky, and they saw me earlier on the side of the road.  They stopped off to get coffee and I some how passed them so they decided to give me a lift.  This is by far the best car I could have been in.  Well...maybe Ac/Dc's tour van...but overall, realistically speaking :D
Both of them are fiery radicals, frothing at the mouth, and all three of us are truth seekers.  We swap life stories, philosophies, ad most importantly feelings on the divine.  They are part of a CTA (call to action) for church reformations, in specific, the roman catholic variety, and I get a sense they are good at what they do.  We cut through hours in a flash, stop to refuel some where outsde of the kentucky border.
They give me a delicious apple, bottle of water, and let me interview them about the things that matter most in my travels.  I plan on releasing many of the interviews I acquire along the road and who knows maybe a book.

This is all so thrilling for me! I'm over joyed at this moment!
Sitting at a ymca, wondering where to go next, and knowing no matter what I'll be a o.k.  so blessed, so grateful, and glad to share with the likes of you.  Three cars, three rides, but clearly the 3rd ones the charm.  This road bends and never ends.  Mike told me as I was getting out of the car that I was searching for something.  I said something along the lines of "aren't we all".  To which he informed me, yes, but work can get in the way of that.  It dawned on me, since quitting my job this past winter, I've come to some amazing revelations in my life, and continually push towards the highest sense of completion.
Good night faithful friends and readers.  Thanks for validating my existense, keep reading, its going to get even more betterest from here on out.
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  1. the land that time forgot is that town we ended up in when the flat tire happened. hammond is like half way there tho.

  2. =D glad to know you are back on your journey and that you found a good ride to boot!


  3. Yeppers! Happy to be...wish I had a ride right now, warming up from freezing my ass off...never been happier to be in a waffle house.

  4. omg you hitch hiked! thats hilarious good thing no one murdered you

  5. Mmmm, waffles. Keep warm friend. At least yer headed in the right direction as far as weather is concerned. Missed yer presence at Axiom.

    ::high five::

    1. I bet you are the only one who thought that :D

      Things are good, hope you keep reading duder, and I look forward to sharing all the gritty details in the future down the line :D

  6. Mmmm, waffles. Keep warm friend. At least yer headed in the right direction as far as weather is concerned. Missed yer presence at Axiom.

    ::high five::