Friday, November 9, 2012

Holy southern hospitality Batman!

My restlessness didn't let me stay in louisville for very long.  I grab a salad and eat it on a street corner.  A homeless guy trys to trade me two loose cig's for it and when I decline ups his wager to a dollar?  Yeah, I could write a mighty long rant about the tradeable worth of cig's in america but there are miles to document.
So I start walking down I65 with the city at my back, thumb up from time to time, but all around are passing headlights then black.  My expectations for catching a ride at night are low but I decide to give it a go.  After about an hour I walk off to a shell gas station, ninja my cell phone charger to the outlet the atm runs off of, and kick it outside scouting for possible rides.  I also come across this gem...

...I have a very loud chuckle with some petro purchasing kentucks but no lucks on the ride.  So I flip open the tiny digital notebook, start working on the book, and all the while hoping someone with florida plates might come through.  I rest for a good while and get the feeling ill be hoofing it till my toesies can't toes anymore.
I get a few more hours down the road and am just exhausted.  So I find a nice spot to bunker in for the evening, can't see me from any angles, and I start to drift away.  All to soon I'm awake, freezing, and doing my best to mental my way through it.  I give it 30minutes but the temperature has severly plunged and doesn't seem to be letting further down.  In the distance I see something neon and yellow.  Very sore, cold, and a little agitated I treck towards the yellow neon hoping it isn't Mcdonalds.  After 4 or 5 songs I can make out that I'm heading towards a waffle house.  I can't recall a time ever in my life where I was happy to be heading towards a waffle house but with every fridged step my heart filled with joy.

I walk through the red roof in parking lot, back track, scope out the hotel, seeing if I could maybe crash out in the lobby for a few but wth no luck everything is locked up and they just have the gas station in the hood bullet proof attendent window deal.  So I scurry back through the lot and into the well lit southern diner.  Grab a seat in a booth, some hot water, a menu, and a few moments of gratitude.


I order two waffles, they come to the table super fast, and I house them sons like Charles Tillman and any reciever he's up against this year. (Go bears!!!) With a fully belly I begin to knod off and the waitress let's me know I can doze off for a few hours till next shift arrives.  Probably within 47.3 seconds after she gives me permission I'm drooling all over the table and hopefully not talking in my sleep.  All to fast shift change comes and I awake to my bill.  The new server on asks me if I need anything else, to which I let her know a moment to gather myself, and that's it.
As I pay my bill she meets me at the front of the house and says.
"I had a room last night @ the red roof, they gave it to me for almost free, there is an extra bed if you'd like to crash for a few more hours..."
Jaw=dropped !BLAM!
I say, Yes, Thank you, and oh my god I love you!
She informs me her boyfriend just got off of work and is in the first bed.  To which I let her know I don't mind and am extremely grateful.  I'm led to the room and quickly faceplanting into a comfy matress.  Oddly enough, as I drift to sleep this time its way to fucking hot! Hahahah!  I'm not complaining though, I'm able to catch a few winks and rest my body.
Later that morning, I wander to a nice field next to the highway and go through some various yoga posess and then find a nice patch of grass to meditate on.  I set my intentions for the day, thank mother for all the amazing blessings bestowed upon me so far and once clear I begin walking down I65 again.  After a little while I look back and can barely make out the louisville skyline anymore and all the soreness I'm feeling makes a lot more sense.
Splashes of sunshine, wooshing of automobiles, colors cuddling me, and frank turner songs soaking my steps.  It's a little sad, sometimes really sad, all the litter along the road and I wonder at what level of maturity most people find themselves at.  I believe it was around 8 years old that I understood littering was wrong, from there it took a few more reminders but after that its been reflex to not litter.  DON'T DO IT STUPIDS!!!  And don't think I won't pull your card in public, no grizlee bear needed :)>
I'm crossing over an exit and that's when I see a fully un opened box of mini blue berry muffins...the snack size variety double sealed...yes I'm justifying eating food found along the highway...but they were free! And delicious!  Judge away.  As I stand up from grabbing the box I look over the right to see a truck pulled over waving me over.  I do my silly scurry swiftly cutting two lanes in a blink. 
His name is Johnny, he saw me hitching, pulled off, back tracked and then scooped me up.  His home is 5 minutes away but he wants to take me to Elizabethtown, which is roughly 40 miles from where we are at the moment and I tell him I'm grateful for every mile but feel weird with it not being on the way.  He tells me how he wishes he had the balls to do what I'm doing and that he's had buddies who have done it.

We ride for a bit get 1/2 way to Etown and he realizes gas is needed.  As we pull off he asks if I'm hungry, I tell him I can usually always eat but I have food in my bag to save money.  He suggest getting us some taco's and I say sure.  Then as we pull into the gas station he gets struck with the idea of driving me all the way down to Nashville and making it into a road trip.
For the 2nd time in less then 12 hours the lower part of my mouth is located on the ground.  I let him know that is definitely not needed and maybe he should see how he feels once we get to Etown.  He agree's, we fill up, get taco's and press on ward.  It takes about 10 more minutes before he informs me that I'm a good guy and he's just gona make sure I get to Nashville.
Don't know if you lovely people reading along at home can comprehend this.  He is essentially driving 155 miles away from where he needs to be and then after dropping me off turning around to do the same.  O.o----(melted)

He's recently quit smoking and is feverishly gnawing on tooth picks to calm the beast.  On the floor of the truck are some Obama posters.  He just spent some time up in Ohio trying to help with that swing state, making sure degenerates like myself got out and did their civic duty.  He teaches me a lot!!!
For the 2nd time in under a week I'm getting an advanced lesson in Chess strategies and my menace grows larger (looking at you kevin, tommy, and kyle).  From there I get a course in gambling, odd's, risk reward, and how to spot the worthy long haul as a gambler.  Topics also range from perfect pitch to a women using google maps on her smart phone to show how the road use to be set up thus making it o.k. to clip his back left panel and of course everyones favorite topic self destruction.
I don't know what it is about man but we sure do love making our lives as difficult as possible.  Maybe, spice things up and see what happens.  The beast at hand we start discussing is alcohol and I'm all to familiar with that demon.  Some how we get on the topic of giving credit where and when its due to yourself.  Because its not hard enough battling your vices but then the way our brain boxes work, when we do make any progress our first instinct (a lot of us) is to ridicule and judge ourselves for the past.  So we both agree to pat ourselves on the back more and realize we've definitely made a lot of progress over the past few years.
The hard part of our talk came when he discussed giving up on playing the piano.  I struggle with giving up on things all the time but for some stubborn reason push on.  I urge him to pick it back up some day but what I forget to tell him is about the vast growing world of EDM and how a person of his extreme talents could probably do really well for himself
So...Johnny...if you read this.
youtube/google/bing (ha!)
Ronald Jenks
Virtual boy
And my personal favorite
All amazing pianist who are producing, touring, and spreading their gifts to the masses.
Holy smokes gang, all to soon we reach Nashville, and what do I see.  That big ole stadiums the Titans play at and I began cracking up with an overwhelming laughter.  The ass whooping the bears put on them last Sunday can be seen all over the city and yes I'm still wearing the jersey I wore when I watched it.  It was one of the most amazing defensive perfomances I've ever seen in football.
We part ways and I'm realy excited to hear what comes next in Johnny's life.  People like that just don't grow on tree's and I'm the fortunate one to have had my thumb out at the right time.  I wander into a new city,with a grin eating grin :D


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  1. I'm so happy you had the opportunity to meet some EXTREMELY NICE strangers along the way! I mean, I know I probably wouldn't offer my extra hotel bed to just anybody!!