Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Call it in the air

Won't you come knock me over
I'm moving slower
and she's armed with a leaf blower
It's like the most you can ever give and be
met with hard steel and teeth
Seeing me for me
Welded into who I'll never see
Friends........We've all got em
They sometimes take shots at our options
Point out problems and break promises
Sometimes they shoot about funny nonsense
to obstruct our conscious with clever threats
They give us exactly what we need
what we've been missing fresh air to breath
The urge, the will, the power, the speed,
To do anyTHing
I mean anything we dream!!!
It's a two sided coin, come to think of it it's all about the toss
been coming up crissed and crossed
and almost longed forgot
what it meant to be in the presence of something genuine
A fine specimen
of the closest type of friend
from end till the next end
a companion
to help me move on and mend
the stories that won't be forgotten