Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Consider Our Personal Life On Blast!

I said she love me she love me not
Another case of a person not knowing what they got
I mean she loves me but most of the time when were together things are distraught
Lving another, ya know your other should be easy or so i thought
or so I taught
myself because my examples of love growing up were far from the usual beautiful store bought
& cover my mouth
a lion posing as a door mouse
Extremely picky with whom he'll build his house
Jet fuel & a taste for the cruel & those that love to shout
So cool, so much he burned down the school & tells the kids to just run about
So she loved me, errrrr uhhhhh loves me, no doubt
but now my nights are spent alone teaching the heart broken not to pout
Screaming all the unspoken from my busted spout
A wide eye'd carney dancing his roustabout
Waiting on the gypsy princess to widen his grimace match the efforts of his fitness & quickness love fast off the block strong & stout
Dancing with that 4 letter word fallin in & out
Trusting only his heart & a few loyal friends to play scout
Because the last on with all her fancy words did nothing more then bring doubt

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