Monday, August 23, 2010

papers falling from a cliff

I think she just wanted me to hold her
...but you know I wanted more
So we tussled, cuddled, struggled, and explored
seconds to minutes to hours to days
I awake in a haze
she now rests in my maze
She definitely just needed me to hold on
But in the end I let her go
Right @ the end of the winters snow
So many memories
I live inside the laughter
So much carelessness
I guess I'm naturally attracted to disaster
The beauty I found in those arms
Those wild wandering fractilated eyes
give me hope that it was just a taste and something greater will again fall from the sky
She never said so but I get this feeling like she wanted me to hold her
and I always thought I was that guy
giving love a try
giving into being shy
sing me something reasonable, sing me another lullaby

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