Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm gona ride out on the minotaur I rode in on & leave ya'll to the hedge maze
I'm gona astound & amaze as if I've got something to say
but em with some recycled humor I partook in the funny papers from past days
I trail blaze
Burning skeptics
leaving crowd fulls of would be witnesses
to their flimsy little gimics
I'm 1/2 baffled & 1/2 betrayed by my senses these days
barely able to finish my sneaky evil ways
an lay
by my procrastination & the calling of a revisited phase
as the world escalates to Escalades
I'm unamazed
Peddling my teal charriot to wrok to collect Rednecks change
1/2 hero the other 1/2 deranged
feeling betrayed
by the fairy tales I was told as I prayed
to forever hold my soul to rest
A rekindling of the poison my paternal parriahs tried to suggest
Instead of letting me know from the start I was blessed
But there is no more hate! I <3>
I must confess
The struggle to pen my own historic verse & rise above the hardship
All smiles no computer chip
Living off love with a fistful of sarcastic wit
And a shit ton of grit

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