Friday, March 4, 2011

A nap before I blast...

Holy hell!

The day was all like BaNG! BOW! PoW! 8% tip, staring contest with some kids, and trying not to smash adults in the face for being unable to choose between ranch and blue cheese. I just worked about seven days in a row..........felt like two full weeks but at the end of it my good friend Kyle showed up at the ole Black n Yellow.

He was the 2nd visitor today...
...From out of no where she sort of floated in. I haven't seen her in about a year and a half. She looks more marvelous then I could have ever remembered. However she talks with a chip I don't remember. Healing, playing super tuff, and all I can help doing is drowning in those soft sea blue eyes. Attempting to keep up with her loud rattling laugh and do my best to not smother a warm situation.

But quickly after she leaves, after the mist rolls through the diner, a sea of hungry families come staggering through, and it's back to all those animated batman words I was typing at the start. Except this time I have someone to train......not sure I did a good job because all I could think about was where I would be tomorrow.

So kyle shows up (sorry) and we peace out from my work. I leave my bike there, yep, I'm that excited, and head back to my newish residence. I do a quick wardrobe change, try to hide my hickey from the mother, and bam! out the door we go. The plan is to hit up this free EDM night, here some tunes, break the ice, and get ready for what will be an extremely fun weekend.

Pizza is eaten, a few drinks are had, and I catch this groove similar to the one I caught on Tuesday night. Things begin clicking, inner monolog goes silent, and it all starts gushing out of me. The best part of it all, is I can feel that smirk that started creeping in a few days ago, stretching my face to where it will be all weekend, and I'm so thankful to be alive.

Some texting, with peeps to lay down the last minutes plans, dance dance dance, TMY tells me about swapping people for people, and I imagine how great it would be to have people on hand. Ya know, sort of like an RPG, you could trade them in and out for particular situations, functions etc... From out of no where this girl comes up to me and informs me that two doors down there is a funk jam going. I bolt! out the door, Kyle must have seen this all happen and keeps pace. I feel bad, but I know there will be good dancers here. I need to smash! I want to get a reaction! I want to step out into whatever I do tomorrow and know that I did it first in front of a group of people who have little to no idea who I am.

Show the ID, step through the doors, and within 3 mins it's on. Two of Tampas finest are there, truly, no sarcasm there. I've grown to respect the dance scene down here and am taking notes for when I move back to Chicago. They've got a lot of great crews, with little to no beef, and a lot of Talent. I get a few "ooooh's" but nothing to really rattle the rib cages. Talk shop for a bit and peace out. Float out I should say and I'm so excited to be going to Tennessee...who'd of thunk.

I have amazing family around me these days, people I love, and admire. However coming from Chicago are friends that fan the flames of my follies. The people I know that have seen me at my best, worst, most twisted, and vulnerable. Some of my equals... Will share ideas, make up new scenarios, inside jokes, and move around the city as if it owed us a good time. I'm elated for the hugs, the high fives, the surprises, the unexpected, the feeling that things don't change but finally in that good way. Soooooo Excited to see YOU!!! and even you too! One for the books and it couldn't have come at a better time.

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