Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what does a heart know?

The heart knows not what it wants, it just goes, and goes. No real race, or objective that I can see. Feelings upon feelings, freeing the cold calculating being that tries desperately 2 pin life down bringing sense and reason to the realm of feeling.

So maybe were not all in touch with our emotions and then again the coin flips showing us those that are ruled by them. I know that they are there and I see the way the ravage all my loved ones affairs. A friend of mine spoke to me recently about applying a gentleness towards the inner forgiveness I'm so desperately seeking these days. These lines are a lot of things but definitely a passing on of that advice. Because ultimately...truthfully for me, LIFE, is the greatest teacher of all.

The things we think we want, in time we learn that maybe aren't really what we need, and then eventually end up becoming the things will never truly possess. Instead they will possess us, they will own us, rule us, fuel us, and get our pulses racing something spectacular. I know I'm gushing here, I'm just riding that wave, the heart beats so loud in my chest at this very moment, stirred up by the infinite possibilities of my life, and hoping that I can somehow begin to once again guide it with love. For what life has taught me is when I'm not doing that, I find myself in some dark places, doing deeds, that make desperation seem decent.

A breath of life, a fleck of god, a karmic game filled with know it all snobs. Then we wonder why we weep about all we could have had, should of had, and may never know. In between the tears, I'd just like to apply those that have lived bold, and hope that your able to understand at the end what you truly hold. The heart knows not, the head holds our surroundings to a standard, but ultimately we take the data from both in and produce the story that is our lives.

For those of you who don't know, mines been a crazy roller coaster, chaos goes limp dicked when I'm around, and most of the time I like it that way. Born to burn so beautifully and bright. BORN TO WRITE! and I hope you likes....goodnight :P

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