Saturday, March 26, 2011

To Fu this may concern prt2

So it seems the seasons have rushed past fast and at last will cross paths. Whats that thing the man behind the curtain use to say, preparation meets opportunity, or something. I've put in the hours, met your equals, and vibed with a large number of the people you've inspired. I have fire in my eyes, rich thick crimson in my veins, and all the best intentions. I ceased communication with you because I just can't handle the thick apathetic cloak the internet provides cynics. I remember you saying a lot of things about the newer dancers, I remember you pushing your philosophy on the very minds you abandoned, and I remember me to poor to fly out and smash you with mine.

However, here we are, and here I go. Just sort of writing freely, generating my thoughts, gaining more composure then I need, and sharpening those little pieces of silver. Shrapnel you'll be picking out of your psyche for a long while. I come to you as I've already stated with the best of intentions and I'm extremely hopeful the ripples of our exchange will greatly enhance this dance. I don't know you, smoke an mirrors is all I have at this point, but I know enough. You were a driving force in this dance at one point but where are you now. To me, there is a great loss in not having you contributing to this amazing dance, and maybe I'm wrong. However, I've had a feeling, a notion for quite sometime, and you are somewhere in it (no homo). So sir, I bring with me the keys to the city, a fistful of memories to pour on the cypher, and a hard heart un pierce-able by your malice.

See you in a few Fu.

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