Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thanks for the CiCi's Mom & Dad

She stuffs slice after slice of pizza in her face. Little gold locks of hair, new cute glasses, with little hearts etched in the side, and she definitely has my fathers smile. We both instantly eye'd up the air hockey machine and I believe it might be the source of her furious pace. This is the 2nd time I've had pizza today and this is depressing to me. Been making some good progress with eating better. My good friend Randy and his Wife force fed me many delicious foods. I tried more new eats this past weekend then I think in my entire life combined. Still, I picked my little sis up after work, she got to choose, and we sit at a CiCi's. "come on Eileen" plays over the speakers and we scoot about dancing in the newly cleaned booth. There was pizza at work today as well. My manager Bud got some for everyone, we were in the middle of getting over run by soccer teams, but I managed to have a few pieces. So I'm sitting in the booth with a gut full of pizza and decide to take a quick snooze. The world goes black (for like 15 seconds) and when I come to my sister is eating cinnamon rolls.

Kids love buffets because for a few seconds, when they run up to that stand of food, they get a sense of freedom, and they grab to their hearts content. I also think they love buffets because they can't actually see the sneeze guard. They get the most direct view of the food, sometimes the look from up high is less then flattering, but then again I'm dining in a 5 dollar pizza buffet.

She can't decide if she wants more food or if she wants to try and settle our air hockey rivalry. I come from competitive people, i just recently asked my dad if he'd like to see who could be the least competitive, and I've got a feeling I'm going to win. So we plunge some quarters into the machine and proceed to slap around a neon green puck. The heated rivalry began a few weeks ago at a Chuckie Cheese. I lost focus for a few minutes and before I knew it the game was 6-6. So now my little sister naturally has some pep in her step and thinks she can take me down. Am I proud to be up on a little kid, YOU BET YOUR ASS!!!, they are so smug, and filled with all this youth.

Two games played, a lot of laughing and taunting shared across the table. Soon enough though we both jet to the buffet again and we don't tell the other what were doing. She grabs one last slice and I a cinnamon roll. Then we stroll out the door stuffing our faces laughing wildly. I do enjoy a lot of things in this funny little story called life. Some of the things I enjoy most are watching my siblings faces light up like every was and will be alright.

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