Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I keep you close friend...

Well that's what they tell me to do
They insist closer still
As I choke back the bitter pills
Of some rather cheap thrills
Thrift store memories
And this is far from what you've meant to me
Extension of what's meant to be
The casualty of an ironic destiny
But with a twisted grill
Jagged ivory I am still
Smiling, trying, to make sense of your guilt
For a lesser fiend i'd kill
Alone mad with what will
And wont...
Ohhh so fucking close
Because that's what we've been taught since birth
Scower the earth
You heartless coward and find no cure for your thirst
Just a series of burned bridges and what's worse
No one to defame or curse
Just a bread crumb trail back to those you've hurt
For what its worth
Your welcome
For what I'm worth keep the change
And never hurt another as deeply again

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