Thursday, March 8, 2012


Thank you for tuning in...

Saw dust covers every inch of everything, knick knacks knock about the enitre space, 3/4 of a 1/2 pipe, and these are just a few of the sites at the sight.  Life! Knife! Yikes! Back off, I don't dare hesitate to dig a little reminder into your skin.  We've earned this and will have earned it even more when the final brush strokes are applied to "our rooms"

I stare off at the giant barney head and realize this is where I was meant to land, the longest fall mans ever know, and I land on this firm black couch.  Broken back, mendable heart, and teary eye'd from the obscene dreaming.  Manifestation is all about a lot of bouts and shaving down your would be "good" intentions until you find them spring up all around you.  I dare you to get super specific and see how the pieces don't fit.

I've been beasting dry wall, healing my back, doing yoga, slanging stories, training (harder then most would ever care to), writing, and some how feeling I'm not doing enough.  What the fucks that?  Stats! Gota clock, rock, and lock them down.  This is all before i get that world to realize "I'm a lazer guided hurricane" and stats will no longer matter.  It'll just be as it was once initially dreamed and recieved.

Soon friends will slap about their energy into this space, it will help it take shape...these are glory days, these are the moments a million mizers told me were delusional.  I walk the warehouse in a straight jacket, straight laughing, at myself for ever paying them any mind.  So thankful, it may not sound like it but also an over powering amount of humility.  Life you mean so much to me! do realize its only march, right?

Happy flows from ur heads to ur toes.

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