Friday, March 23, 2012

Ill gates opens the gates

For cereals! All I wanna do is smash at this very moment but I know its not for not its for lator.  I know when that dark navy blue and orange shields me I'm free to be the hells beast I need to be.  The past two weeks have been an epic ride of amazing strides, I never knew life had this much depth, and I finally get to taste others blood n sweat.  I can't believe what we've done, I'm over joyed to know that there is a finish line, and I'm glad to have it in my sights.

Still though, I sit sidelined because of this fucking back...patience! I will attack! And all of you...every theif that has stuck his greasey paws in my true loves pouch these past years will feel the sweet release of my blade.  Bottom feeders, meglomaniac rejects with half hearts and hollowed intentions.  Read the shirt take aim at the back and know that you forever have been marked as wack.  DONE! Because half you heathens don't have 1/10 the heart, sincerity, and swag as my team.  So after the dust settles, the page turns, and the wild fires burn.  Know! This is everything you made it out to be and I'm simply here to say enough is enough.  I will now hide in the shadows, in the warm arms of my loving city, heal, and come back bearing a gift 23 times heavier then before.

I love you!
But kindly!
Fuck the fuck off, sober up, and add substance to your lives.

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