Monday, March 8, 2010

In March I Find a Million Dollars


Finally free from February and onto the manic month of March. So much good stuff and only so many days to enjoy it all.

The week was ridiculous in so many productive ways.

School was cool but my editing teacher is definitely grinding on my last nerves and were only through the half way point of the semester. I now currently remove my tongue before entering class so as to not in site a riot among my fellow classmates (who are just as fed up as I am). My improv class rules and it seems as if the entire group is really coming together nicely.

Mr D-Skreet came and stayed at the lab for a few days. That guy is a dance !!!MACHINE!!! I leave for school he's dancing, I come back still dancing, I make us lunch and have to tell him to take a break. Right after he's done...BAM...dancing. He helps me out with a lot of my popping foundation and we discuss upcoming projects we'd like to do together. He's definitely going to be one of the dancers on the regular helping me tear up Michigan Ave. One of my favorite moments of his visit this week was him doing boxes with pretzel sticks. Like I said (and others have said) DANCE MACHINE (check him out)

D and I part ways and I go out to support Mr. Ken Kennex at some night in SHAMburg. Firstly I stop over by my buddies Matt's apartment. It smells very "handsome" there and he makes sure to make me smell as handsome as well. Some good tunes and philosophy and then I'm back cutting up concrete with my silver sweet.

I arrive at the "club?" mexican eatery early as hell so as to not pay a cover. This works but then they make me pay a 2 dollar mandatory coat check...A lot of WTFing goes on between me and the women whose taking the money. Then I point out that were in a recession and how two years ago I would have gladly paid her trumped up coat check charge. I sit in the shadows sipping a Jameson and scribbling words like mad. I fear the allure of writing on alcohol but oh my good god is it great. Honesty even onto myself in a way I'd like to see more often. Mr. Kennex shows up an hour before his set and we chat about this and that.

I get up do some dancing, dance with a few other peoples, and polish off another whiskey before settling up my tab with the bar tender. I step out to talk with the promoter and then step back into a bouncer who is less then friendly. We go back and forth about flyers and his unimportant job. He calls me chief a bunch, I lead him round in circles with the shrapnel of my tongue, and it's not long before I'm escorted out of the venue. I hear the faint playing of spanish music, the smell of salsa is the last thing I remember, and I'm so happy to know I'll be starting my own Friday night soon enough :D

Saturday is a special day...The liquid triangle meets up. Kai has a Phd in Digitz and he invites Tommy and myself to a private seminar. I learn some new drills while watching the sun slink away for the day. Coldness comes on quick so we return to Kai's place to pump out beats and dance. It's been remarkable coming into this dance and coming up with new motions these past two years. We all love our dance and each other more then my words will be able to describe. I think from the love and respect will come a great deal of positivity. All my liquid comrades...None of us brag and boast about who they can roast. We just truly enjoy the dance and figuring out how to push it further. This year will be me giving all I can to a dance that has given me so much and a friend who has given me everything I thought I was previously missing from my life.

We take a time out from the dancing to go check out "Alice & Wonderland". Aside from the obnoxious girls sitting next to us and the fact that we had to sit in the front row it was an amazing show. The story was told beautifully and I enjoyed Johnny Depps performance. However during the last ten minutes or so of the movie the urge to dance escalated and I couldn't wait to be out and back at Kai guys place.

We get back and instantly pick up where we left off. A few minutes in though I start to feel really sick, like gunshots are going off in my gut, and I head out to the gas station for some relief. On my way back, I stumble across what would be the first of two pairs of glasses found laying about on the street. Possibly this trip was all about what I need to see? HAhaHA who knows but I quickly figure out what I'm going to do with these very nice newish looking designer shades. I get back to Kai's my stomach starts to settle down and we all do a bit of filming with the nice nice. Its not soon after we get done shooting some things that Tommy and I are on our way to the windy.

I think about a lot of things as I head out to do some promotions for "Leprechaun Disco". I think about where I'm going, where I've been, and what it means to move with this much purpose. The pressure I feel these days is immense and I think I carry it well. It'll only be building over these next few months but I think life has prepared me for this very task I'm taking on. Plus I have some of the greatest friends in the world to help lighten the load.

Her and I converse on the phone for a bit...she's trying to put her night together @ 2 a.m. HAHAHAHAhaAH! I try to convince her to stay in, let me bring over a bottle of wine, and will defeat her ever growing pile of laundry. She says that can be done on any night, definitely not a Saturday, but I get the feeling that were no where near that type of evening yet.

Tommy and I show up and hour or so to late for the "Smooth Agent" Loft party on the south side so we peal out towards UpsideDown Town to meet up with our rave family. Everyone is there and seems to be in great spirits. We take to the party, then take to some dancing, and I'm really digging the spot. It's suppose to go till like 9 in the morning so I'm pumped. I shed my possessions and start passing some flyers out and telling people about everything were doing for "Leprechaun Disco" next week.

She comes into view, those cheeks, and a smile stretching sly like the Cheshire cats. We exchange a few words and a hug, she says she has to use the bathroom. As she walks away I talk to the security guard about her. He's not just any security guard, him and I share a pretty hilarious story, well actually after this evening, two hilarious stories, but I digress. I talk to him about how I'm a fairly grown man, 27 going on 28, and how that girl gives me crazy butterflies. He smiles says "She's beautiful and that seems to be a rare feeling to find when you get older" I tell him if you think her physique is amazing take a walk around her mind :D

I dip off into the darkness to smoke a bowl with one of the cooler Tom's I know. Not the coolest one keep in mind but he's quickly climbing the ranks. Definitely top 3 in Chicago if you ask me. I go to spark it up when a flash light sweeps over the party and stops on me. Chicago's finest and for the second month in a row the plain to the whitest ends up in cuffs. I'm able to ditch the weed I have on me as they are dragging me about the party. What's really funny is they aren't watching me at all and I could have easily ditched my piece as well but I hold onto it and save it for a good faith comment in case they go to book me (stupid is).

I'm at the door watching the party dump out...TMY comes by and has the ohhh shit look on his face. SteveO tries to give me his number to call if I need any help. The best was Drakes look as he turned the corner to help with the tear Saddest for me was watching her walk down those stairs and the fright full look that came across her normally pleasant face. The funniest however was adonis say "Ohhh no, you got the wrong guy there, he's a good guy...Ohhh no" with a touch of my face he left the party and I was just smiling about that in the hours that followed.

Like I said this wasn't the first time that this has happened to me. Much like the last time I'm a lot like fuck it and begin beat boxing. Started chopping up this track TMY was bumping at Kai's place earlier. My detaining officer doesn't seem to mind and for the most part shes a real sweet women. I save the quirky questions and let her do her job.

Soon enough (30mins after my cuffing), the sergeant running the whole detail comes up and starts in with the questions. Why are you guys throwing these kinds of parties? You know you should have shut it down at 2? (as if I'm somehow responsible for the party) Then he see's my Air Force jacket..."Is this actually yours?" I tell him yes and how I served 6 years in the United States Air Force. "Then why the fuck are you at a rave smoking weed?" I explain how weed is sort of like my Ritalin or Adderall...except ya know...with out all the crazy harmful side effects. He looks me up and down, there is a sort of disgust that I don't appreciate, and he starts in with his final comments. "These parties are illegal and you all could have gotten in a lot more trouble. I could have called in a couple of patty wagons and backed them up to the entrance. One by one you and your little friends would have been carted down to the station." I nod and don't have the stones to tell him....

...It's the fact that they are illegal that gets some of us off. Ohh and I'd love to see you try to arrest 150 people all at the same time by funneling them into a truck. He's a nice enough cop (whatever that means) and I'm glad to be released from my silver bracelets. I take to the windy city streets adrenaline peaked...PEAKED!!! No jacket on or anything I walk towards the Mcdonalds where TMY said he'll come back by to scoop me up. This car full of kids not a block away roll down there window and say...
"DUDE! do you know where we can get anymore beans." I look behind me at the four squad cars and I just let them fucking have it. RETARDED!!! It's gota be almost 5 in the morning not to mention the overwhelming presence of authority. CALL IT A NIGHT!!! They seem startled by my enthuisiastic concern for their well being and I dip across the street. I give her a quick ring to calm that look on her face and she sounds instantly calmed. She does a hilarious re-telling of the accounts from her perspective and it gets me to chuckle...i'm coming to find she's a natural at that.

Once I send out some texts and what not I realize my heart is still pumping. So I do what I do best...Pop in my phones and get to dancing on the corner. :D If they can't take a joke fuck's saturday night I've been stripped of all illegal substances and it's my right to dance and dance I do.

TMY is the man...A mighty man with liquids weapons you dare not engage. He's sort of my partner in crime. The dude always down to hit up a party and dance. He's friendly and makes Switzerland seem confrontational. Ask about him...Tommy, Tommy Gunz, FBT, and all the other names he might have...they all lead back to the same conclusion. He's a chill ass dude who does whatever is within his power to help his friend. Oh and he loves Bacon!!!

So in his car the first song he plays is the very song I was beat boxing...AHHAHAAHA...with friends like these the thieves seem like gnats.

Eventually we get to HQ and the gang is all there. Everyone is put at ease to see me not in cuffs and I begin the many re tellings of what happened. Highlights include...Lindsey slipping me an energy crystal into my front pocket as I'm being detained and held by an officer. She tells me it's for good luck...the look the officer gives me is one of..."WTF!!! did she just really put something on him." I quickly fumbled with words to make sure to not get Lindsey or myself in anymore trouble. Ohhhh man I'm gona hold onto that stone FOREVER!!! hahahahah! LUCK!!! Holy gets funnier every time I hear that awful word.

The day following this one I'm suppose to be meeting one of my most favorite womens in the world for her born day. Wouldn't you know it...everyone is trying to get me fucked up. It takes a lot of willpower and an air mattress to get me to say know. However I stay up till like 10AM and kick it for Melinda's B-day. I bring back some twizzlers (for her I guess, she loves red ropes but I got the instinctual order 1/2 right), water, arizonas (they b a dollar yo), and a big ass box of dunkin mini's. Once again my safe haven, HQ, is just what the doctor ordered, and I'm glad to have these great peoples in my life.

I catch a shower and a couple of hours on the air mattress. Then the mattress gets sold and deflated while I'm sleeping on it. I guess i wake up and shuffle over to the left and quietly drift back to sleep for a few hours. I wake up and kick it with the remaining cast of characters at the crib. Tom, Randy, Rachel, and Melinda...some kitty goes around and were all sort of entertained by Tom's stories. I like his mannerisms the most, large and sweeping; always egging you on for the next few syllables. He's good peoples and I'm looking forward to Leprechaun Disco on Saturday.

I clear my throat and I give her a call...
...I had asked her to come out to dinner with me. She said to give her a call and see where she was at. Much to my surprise it's a yes and she tells me where I can pick her up. I spring to much life...just hyped and I bounce about the walls of HQ. I make a mental list of things I have to do and gush un controllably about how fantastic I find my friend. My friends are happy for me because sadly they've seen me wandering round heart on sleeve getting thrashed about by my own hopes and dreams.

So I pick her up and she smells Fantamazing with looks to match. I don't dare actually write what took place or how it made me feel. Her eyes are bound to graze these words and I fear I've given her enough ammunition. Just a great dinner, amazing dialog, and a quick but very entertaining show at second city. Here's to hoping...reflection...who'd a knew...not me...................but i'll say this...
The butterflys are fantastic and her philosophies are divine.

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