Thursday, March 11, 2010

This ones about me TOO

I carry a bag of pistachio's with me for every peanut gallery
I gladly gut check glutens & have them spewing their apathy
Hive Fiving the savvy
because sadly
The simple things seem to stitch us up & re seam the dream from the calamity
A stutter step
but I'm heaven sent
Hobble along with my dented divinity
Century over Century
the sencurions
have been sent to oppress me
Fly in the ointment of society
I'll forever be
that gadfly showing you the fools gold they have you fighting over is for the bastardly
As cool as Kurt Cobain sober
glossing my life over
Winning every cook off with my cunning plus stophers
& I let you loud mouthed know it alls play the gophers
While I go for fresh produce like a lime green I mean lazer guided grocer
Got good intentions like Grover
& I'm so sure
The world will be ready for the camotion I stir
A lions pur
So tread lightly
Whether or not you like me
a blur of fist be fall your face if you ever dare to fight me
I'm the cure like aloe on you ignorant rappers rubbing rhymes raw like ivy
Bite me
Or sip me slow like summertime ice T
Just know there ain't another human being wandering the earth like me

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