Sunday, May 22, 2011

le mime

I hit it hard...
...Set up shop where I set up the night before. There is a nice breeze passing through the Miami streets. Lot's of beautiful women, families, and dudes with a lot of product in their hair. I start to play some tracks and instantly hop to a much better start then yesterday. The area of Miami I'm in is extremely rich, how rich...

...Was that a roles royce?...was that a lambo? that womens dog tattoo'd in prada?

If Aerosmith had any idea that this place existed they would be full for years to come. How does a cheeky dance machine such as myself mingle in with the uptown personalities? It's really, it's ruff, and the evening previous had me feeling like a waste of space. Still, I get up today, do the daily, look for places to live, and pack up my gear. I realize part of my struggles yesterday come from location but another part is just being back in top form.

I've been resting a lot lately, trying to take it easy (easy for me), and hoping to heal some of the damage these passing years have brought on. Still though this restlessness is buried deep in me. Fresh chunes, some suckers for the kiddies (thanks icon), and the best of intentions. These are all I bring with me and hope to make a little money.

Things are tight in my life...

...So much up in the air and I've been out of work now for 3 weeks. In that time what little money I had saved has been spent. Still though, I know how to find dollars when I need them most, and I bang beats all through out Coconut Grove. I've set up a few times here and with gaining success each time. This past evening was loaded with hilarity...

A bridal shower comes roaring by and decides to take some photos with the crazy man all done up in face paint. A man walking by with a group of his friends rambles out "A mime is a terrible thing to waste" and then doesn't tip me. A little girl cries as she realizes I have face paint on but dances with me after I persuade her with a sucker. I have some ditsy girls tell me my "Holand" soccer jersey is spelled wrong, I guess it's missing and "L". I draw people maps to destinations, after they stop to ask me for directions. Shoot apples off old ladies heads and then eat them. Twist up some fat blunts and smoke with some skaters. Cars pull up and I make sure to clean their windows with my spray bottle, and squeegee. I twist things that aren't there into things that should be and give them to a dozen beautiful passer byers.

Probably my favorite part of the night actually came from me spending a little money. Some dude tells me I'm the worst mime he's ever seen (because I was making sound effects) and then gives me a dollar. So I reach in get his dollar plus another of mine and draw an exit door so I can get some temporary relief from that world. As I step out of my box I hand him the two bucks and say..."Keep your dollar and here have one of mine but only if you promise to not reproduce." His two friends that are with him fall over themselves with laughter. One of his buddies drops a dollar in my bucket and I find myself right back where I started. :D

Mimes can in fact make sound effects...
....Oh and it's my corner, my body, MY IMAGINATION......If I want to hop out of the box and say something to your ignorant ass I can. I mostly only wear the face paint so I don't have to answer your ridiculous questions.

The first time I went out I made squat, the 2nd time a bit more, and this last time was the best. Feeling the flow and letting all those around me know..."THIS IS NOT WAVING!!!" I think tomorrow I'm going to hit up south face paint...just a full battery and the desire to bring home the vegan bacon.

Peace n Flow

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