Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No no No...That's O.k. No DEMF for me

In the spirit of my new compainion I'm gona focus on festivals instead of life. It's sad for me to say, out loud, finally admit to my brain that I won't be going to DEMF this year. This is a bummer to me in a lot of ways but none bigger then the lineup of just ridiculous dancers that are going this year. So many amazing peoples, not just of the flowing variety, there will be a lot of great peeps moving about funkily. Don't shed a tear in my absence, just run about, creat a muck, maybe another, and dance battle a crazy bum or two.

The resurgence is impressive, hilarious, and amazing!!! Life though is even more so and I had to choose between a large list of things. Deeper dreams realized, still a lot of work to be done, and were doing our best to lay a sturdy foundation. Yes! it pains me to no end, to not see Austins threads, the rippling effects of "3D's" teachings on some of my good friends, TORTURED SOUL LIVE!!!, yes, YES, I'll very much miss the after fest antics. However, the trade off should be something so spectacular it'll blaze the first of many new pages, and it gives me comfort into the gentle person I hope to be.

Sooooo I beg thee! Check out a strip club, maybe ride a plastic horse or two, definitely break away from the cyphers and bug some herbs out at the fest, and no matter what....please....Don't you DARE make a fucking Michigan LEFT! You bust a good ole, clean, AMERICAN, u-turn, and flip the shocked on lookers the bird.

Be safe friends, Have fun, I'll miss ya'll a ton, and hopefully I'll see you at UGS. If not AXIOM...peace...respect...flow

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