Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To grandmothers house we Go

A wolf in resale clothing
living a life not worth condoning
with nickels and dimes of his reach
he counts their copper counter parts every week
& able
to one day clutch something shiny and stable
but by then mangled
dreams dried up puny & tiny
faithful turned shameful
eye sockets cauterized caught creeping blindly
No longer as Wiley
Just a wasted wreck wishing he'd of acted a bit more wisely
In his thrift store duds & with his pro boo grift
he takes time mangling this most precious gift
Giving into the lowest of emotions throwing tantrums and fits
Questioning why on earth we the feeble sheeple exist
Slipping further from glory a Gothic allegory skipping Lincolns off a cliff
his only hope his only wish
is some where down in that cavern floor theres a well
wolf with mangled teeth knows the perils of hell
Only because he's tasted heaven and fell
Bushy tail
& eyes of a convicting fire
A maniac you may want to admire
A menace ruled by his desires
Dousced in all that has transpired
Since that little red hooded bitch
Left him for dead in barbed wire

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