Thursday, December 8, 2011

Doesn't matter

Hello reader, friend, former friend, future friend, mentor, student, internet stalker, and the variety of other valant mins tha might come to read this.  I welcome you to my world, to my BST so to speak, and hope you'll understand the views expressed here are soley my own.

The title of the post coincides with a T-shirt I wore as a recent prank for an extremely amazing dance event I attended a few weeks back.  It was meant to be a clever stab at some behavior experienced the year before at the catalytic event I hosted in my fair saviors arms (talking about Chicago(she's dreamy)). They say don't get mad get even...
...problem is life is cycles, circles, and one good turn deserves another.  So bring it on if you feel the need :) I'm all for some "healthy" one ups manship.

I digress...

Recently in the dance culture I'm heavily a part of there has been a split.  Two extremely powerful, intelligent, and resourceful forces have taken there balls to go play elsewhere.  What started out as a "joke" on an internet forum quickly erupted into people walking away and not resolving simple philosophical differences.  If anyone has been in a break up, watched their parents split up, or all things liking to these scenarios knows what comes next.


Hahaha...also though, as time labors on, double the commitments, and eventually establishing new allegiances, and etc. 

Before I carry on with this rant I would just like to say...


I mean that from the bottom of everything that makes me the intense obnoxious extravert you've come to some what know.  We are a young dance, with many obstacles ahead of us in the coming years, and it makes no sense for two talented forces to be at ends with one another.  Maybe that's life ole yin and the yang, warp n woof, fire n ice, donny n marie, harry n the hendersons...on n on like the stardust that coats our eyes when we slumber.

So, there is a point to all this I'm writing, and I'm getting to it...I hope.

I'm still riding an insane natural high from my experience in Baltimore.  I had one of the single most fullfilling weekends as a dancer ever.  Shared in a million new memories with a band of heathens I'm proud to call equals.  Carved out a firm chunk of my own identity and put it out of reach from the masses.  Iritated my elders and hopefully inspired some of the younger heads.

I give you the above highscore total for one reason and one reason only.


Sure...the arguement, can, has, will be made...

"But tom no one was excluded from the event, there were plenty of people there that maybe aren't the best of friends, and got along just fine."


What I'm driving at here is, a public conversation took place once, started off as a joke, feelings got upsetted on both sides, and now two of the most signifigant forces in this dance are no longer supporting one another.  Seems a little ridiculous but ya know this is me just twiddling my midwest ethic, stuck in the middle, passing his time positively while awaiting heavens guest list.  It don't matter, it won't matter, until you two prideful sons of bitches pick up the phones and apologize to the other.  Hell! Tell you what, we can broker a signing of the treaty of douchebaggery at my place in Chicago.  Which has and will always be neautral territory for this dance while my veins pump this thick crimson I so freely spill into existence.

As I stated at the top, these are my opinions, no collaborations need, and this is my mission.  Firstly because there is no way that two men of your power and vision should not be working towards somewhat of a unified goal.  Secondly because I love the ever loving shit out of both of you. One for what you've taught me and the other for what your teaching me.  Lastly because in the past year I've learned isolation isn't the answer, compromise, understanding, and unity are.

Take this lightly
Get up set
Yadda yadda

Ill be waiting where the winters snap the hardest of hearts and only those with unwavering dedication find comfort.  Many blessings friends, its a great time to be "active" and alive...may you never pick a side ;)

Peace n flow

Before you think about retaliating, settling the score, or any form of "one up's man ship".

Please think about this...

I said I owed you one...this would be one...if you'd like to keep it going I'm all for that. Just know that I do this shit in my sleep and it takes little to no energy. None of this was to ultimately offend anyone, just to make a point, and for me, personally, make things even steven for some of the behavior shown at the Icebreaker I hosted the year previous. So ya know...balls in your court :)


  1. If 1/2 of this division is about me (i'm unsure), consider it resolved. I no longer participate in Liquid Dance.

    If this has nothing to do with me, apologies, carry on.

  2. @kai So much for "unified growth of a multi-directional idea"

  3. @Kai...WoW! Participate? Wondering what floasis is then? It all has to do with you but yeah we'll all be carrying on and waiting :)