Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Week in review n life too

These days, I'm wondering why the pendulum rarely swings, and thankful for the consistent steady of my mind.  So many amazing possibilities and a mountain of meaningful obstacles to overcome.  Putting these pieces of the day finally back together my way.  The finished product is definitely tbd but its surely one of love and ultimate devotition.

My job has been rather intense the last two weeks.  Its partly the job but also has a bit to do with all the extra living I try to cram in there.  29 n still burning my candle at both ends.  The place is a chaotic mess and to boot they place a lot of the blame on the servers.  We are trainable, a dime a dozen, and I've noticed how they just start burying people there.  The hardest part still has to be some of my co-workers and the downright awful attitudes the exude.  I'm struggling with staying at this job, all the benifits I'm about to start using would be great but at what cost.  I'm going to see what the universe says and keep going with amazing flow I've recently found myself in.

I just got booked to teach in minnieapolis 2nd weekend of january!  This is by far the biggest and best thing going on in my life at the moment.  Tmy and I will head up there and show them what the liquids are all about.  I'm doing two workshops and will teach a variety of things but the end goal is to lay a solid foundation for students to begin manipulating space :P. This visit to the twin cities will hopefully act as a great catalyst to propell our thriving dance scene ot start working a bit closer together.  I'm attempting this year to really build some solid bridges between midwest cities nd get some great dancers the recognition they deserve.

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