Thursday, December 22, 2011

What i thought i couldn't i am

I'm trotting back on the good ole south shore line and I feel cucumber like once again.  I swooped in, saved the day, baked some things, cleaned, rubbed, and got a few laughs.  I left the place in much better shape then when I had arrived.  I also started to turn the key for her, left some ways for her to finish the process, and I can only hope she does the rest.

Sooo much passion! Burning, raging, and overwhelming!

She pushes so damn hard and that in itself brings comfort to an instigator of my capacity.  Who knows what will be, the contention I feel comes from not really knowing what any of this is about and gaining more self control.

Her daughters name is Lucy :) can't make that up!  We watched somethings, chased persia about, and stuffed our faces.  She's an adorable spitting image of her mama...all about those eyes and cheeks!  Waiting for the train I shared my insights, my life, and the working pieces of my brain.  She shared her hopefulness, gatefulness, and some of the deepest kisses I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Blonde, blue, tattoo'd through but none in view
I still have only begun to entertain you
Sweet, fierce, fiery, and young
I enjoy the songs u sung

Boarded the train, smile engrained, and sat down to fully confront my shame.  Not much left these days and after missions like this I get a sense there won't b much more ever again.  Pulling into millenium station with just enough time to say goodbye to Toni and hello to alice.

This winter will b riddled with opposition which I hope to turn into oppurtunity.  I'm so thrilled to be here, so glad that I've found myself ontop of the trash heap once more, and welcome those that think they can to knock me off.  Blessed, about you?

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