Monday, December 5, 2011

Rolling stone reborn

I wake up, with an interesting text, respond and pass back out. This is at about 6a.m...she said she "wants" me. Ha! Like a cat toy to my razor sharp wit I definitely plan on batting that word round for a bit.  I wake again bout 7 and feel extremely refreshed for how little I slept.  I'm snuggled under my very large forest green wool thrift store winter coat. 1/2 coat, 1/2 blanket, and all around awesome. It sort of makes me look like a tall skinny silent bob and I'm more the o.k. with this.

I snuggle up with an orange kitty that's thrown onto my temporary bed.  As I communicate in muddled meew's to his adorable face I tumble around politely through various memories of the weekend.

Giggling grill cheeses
Tour guiding the mag mile
Honesty of a mending heart
Free popsicles for a den of fiends
Diggity dank loft space
Lovely irish eyes
Fingertips no words needed

Papa was a rolling stone and I very much embody a piece of his soul.  I'm inbetween existences again and keeping the faith in your truly above all.  I feel like the past few years have been an amazing journey into the unknown that I'm finally touching down from.  Bolder but with a softness I never thought i'd be able to comprehend.  The man speaking to you right now is a lot of things, mostly whatever judgements you form, but truly humbled.

I gather up the things i'd left there the evening before and the new things that I brought a long for a much needed change of scenary.  I pile into their ride, crack jokes, and get dropped off to catch the 77.  It's a gloomy day out, for some, but for others it's refreshing.  Each droplette that grazes my skin gives me a quick tinge of rejuvination.  I just make the bus, talk about timing, and sit down to start writing this.  A thought pops into my head about this friend I've bumped into randomly on the bus and anoter time at a target. Five minutes later she is boarding the bus and we're swapping stories of our lives since our last serendipitous collision.


I'm almost getting use to the unexpected, taking to much comforted in unusual, and growing a great appetite for the grand sucker punch awaiting me.  A life lived larger then this little device will allow me to write.  These are foot notes, mini memories, and living well in plain site for those who maybe think I should be doing otherwise.

Winters coming friends! Stay tuned, prolly be crashing on a couch near you :)

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