Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Time and the living ain't EZ

...Like a lot of days this summer...
Was a big challenge!

Seems as if my friend and I can't really catch a break out on those streets.  We got shoe'd away from a spot we've been using the past two months with no problems.  It really feels like authority just makes up the rules as they go but luckily TMY found a hilarious loop hole that will buy us at least one more go round at this very dope spot.

After we peddle our bass else where it was business as usual but my knee was feeling extra taxed.  It's been hard to limp on through the summer, I want to smash, and feel like 1/2 a dancer these days.  I do my best to not get mad and definitely not push myself to hard.  Try to pull people into our show, expose the dance to new eyes, and kick about tid bits of humor.  Called it an earlier-ish night, TMY took the PA with him, which left me free to run about the killing fields and sling some poetry.  Caught my first bit of really resistence out there but walked away with an understanding with the grounds keepers.  It's tricky business but I love a challenge and it was great interacting with the groups I did this evening.

The rest of the evening has been a lot of running around with little results.  My body is tired, I'm a long way from home, and should probably start trecking back.  So much to do in the next month, I can't wait to set out on this journey, and see what adventure I can bring to life.

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