Wednesday, August 1, 2012

40$ are you serious!!!

So I ride with mama bear to her boot camp and dump all the access frustration that was just placed on me by an overbearing ego.  She soothes and informs me that I'm an anchor of rare sorts.  A mirror of perplexing sorts and not to give up heart.  So we part ways, I walk, grab a one day pass, consider flocking myself but head to millenium park instead.

I get there as the performance has just ended a few minutes ago, so, I take to combing the killing fields for some warm faces that would like a personal performance, and this evening...well...

So far I've been doing this for two months, go up, ask for three words, and write a piece of poetry on the spot.  When I did it at jazz fest, some very nice man gave me 23 bucks for the piece of poetry I came up with.  This evening, an extremely loving group of people put 40 bucks in my hat, and then got me extremely tipsy.  All so I could continue on through out the evening and spread more inspiration to unsuspecting captives.

I've found a rhytmn with this and won't pump the breaks for anyone.  It's great to be valued and share with a variety of new faces everynight.  I came into the park tonight with 2 dollars to my name and a nagging feeling of failure nipping at my soul.  I left, drunk, with more money then I could have ever hoped, and elated with all the patience I've shown this summer.  There is still much more to do but I'm celebrating in the here and now as I write this.

Tomorrow will be a team tomahawk masacre that these city streets have yet to see!  Believe!  In all the unseen that most called me a freak for previously acknowledging.  So grateful, so blessed, and all I wish is to share it with every single soul I connect with.


  1. Dude, though a truthful soul's work may not always get the worldly reward it deserves, I am also elated to have read this piece. It's comforting that there are people out there who are willing to compensate an artist of heart with love.

    Hope to see you again soon brother!

    1. Thanks!

      It's been a blistering summer and I feel blessed to find myself in good standings. I'm definitely grinding super hard to get that worldly acknowledgement I know I deserve. Hope you'll pick it up and read it when it's done ;)