Saturday, September 22, 2012

Had myself an absolute RIOT! day1

So, though, WHhhhooooa, slow....motion

I try to type all this in as fast as I can mention, the facts...

a)Holy yikes, top 25 days of my life, and that's saying something
b)what's up with the name annie
c)still another day to go

So I got to walk about the fest before it opened and got to bounce around in a real life wrestling ring.  Hung on the ropes and even photo opped on the top rope.  After that, snuck some breakfast, and helped all those arriving with whatever they needed.  It wasn't to long before the roving gang of circus freaks marched towards the front gates.  They waited to come in, we taunted them, dominance was established, and once we had the upper hand security let them come into the grounds.  I was dressed, a hectic mess, with a large mega phone, and get this...Paid to just shout at people!  Dreams my friends do come true and this is only the first hour of the day.

From there, I'm courting around a lovely blonde burlesque performer, and two amazing object manipulators.  We spread some cheer through the sunshine and the masses pour in.  The festival grounds have a variety of classic rides, eateries, already made mention of the sweet ass wrestling rink, and four giant sounds of stage.  The grass is green on all sides and it's refreshing to be at this type of festival.  A change of pace from the electronic music festivals I so often find myself frequenting and all within walking distance of my residence.

 Woot! Frank Turner absolutely tore that place up, played so many of my favorite joints, and was a real great show men.  I scooted around back stage after him and the band were through.  After talking with the drummer I was brought around to where the tour bus was parked.  I talked with frank for a few moments, said my piece about the song "Redemption" and was rewarded with some scribblings in my moleskin to mark the occasion.  From there, more busking, barking, and light hearted chats with my new friend from the  "D".  Turns out, she's  heading back there around the same time I'm looking to shove off from the silky shores of Chicago, and has a spot for me to crash.  With her help I'm up to three possible spots and think Detroit will be first on my american tour.  All to soon, her and I are parting ways...not before...

...She starts to teach me an extremely thought provoking Buddhist prayer.  I can't recall it at the moment but best believe I'm getting it in writing tomorrow.  Because as soon as we part ways I smack into Brian Fallon from the Gaslight Anthem...O.o...Words, blubbering, and another autograph.

Then I stand as close as I can get to watch them do their thing.  Didn't hear the song I love the most but who mama, did I get an ear full of amazing, and even belted out a few songs with some strangers.  As they walked off stage, I rushed over to the our tent, and made it just in time for the parade to shove off.  I get to be a resourceful ground crew member and end up doing a parade drive by on Coheed and Cambria. Get people off stilts, get squirt to car, and soak up more amazing music.  Snap photos and look forward to sharing some of the more private memories with those I know will love them most.

All to soon, the sun is gone, and now...FIYYYYYAAAA!

I got to work with a great team of fire spinners, people at this type of festival aren't use to seeing these sorts of things and the looks are priceless.  One by one they take turns, juggling flames, and smiling through the flickering blackness.  A couple close calls but what's wonder with out a little danger.  At some point, this old friend of mine who I gifted my old ticket to has "found me" and is all smiles.  I am too because this is good-bye...I love showing it the way it taking...and no one being any the wiser of universal intentions.

Grand Finale!  RISE AGAINST! Chicago's very own and closing out the fest for day one.  Earlier in the day this young man who was a security guard gave over his pen twice to me.  So I over heard him ranting about how he missed his opportunity to get the lead singers autograph and my intuition spikes high.  I steal his pen one last time and rush through the mob of people.
"This young man stuck at the gate doing security has waited all day to grab your autograph and missed his chance..." I hand over my moleskin and some quick scribbles are thrown over the pages.  I don't usually tear pages out of my moleskins but these days have been about exceptions.  I rush back, return the pen and rip off a piece of paper that makes this young man soar something sincere.  A thanks follows and soon after Humbolt park erupts into an obscene fury.  I escort miss Quinn, teach her how to properly use that bracelet of hers and in true fashion I'm forgotten about.  She squirms her way up to the front of people on the side of the stage as my top hat and I excluded from the show.  I don't mind though, I enjoy it all from multiple angles, and definitely appreciate the last song.

I remember riding a womens bike a little over a year ago, blasting that song, every morning on my way to the worst job I've ever known, and singing loud.  Not nearly as loud as the 30,000 fans that piled in to Humbolt park for this first amazing day of RiotFest.

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