Saturday, September 22, 2012

Let It Burn

Not in that Usher way

I'm gona click this till I can't click no more, tatt tatt tatt, and then I hope to sleep the deepest best sleep of my life.  The soot still covers my face, my scream probably echoing somewhere across the dreary city scape, and all I can smell is ash.  For so long, I've carried around all these memories, I get new ones, link them with the old, and continue to carry around this boulder.  Before shoving off I really want to be light, so light, like feathers after a pillow fight.

All of it
I do mean all of it
Year books, notes from friends, X-flames, Lovers, enemies, all those letters from basic training, pictures, yearbooks, that fucking shirt everyone loves and I've had to learn to loath, the worst hat I was ever given, a back pack, poetry, essays, pornographic animes, rave fliers, knick nacks, possibly a paddy wack, and this dog will no longer need a bone.  It danced, flames licking the mist on the branches just feet out of reach, and we laughed.  The night and I.  Never have we been like this and the whole time she's like "What have you been waiting for?"  My only response is I don't know but I'm getting more excited by the second and can't wait to be on my way.

I stirred the ashes a bunch, flipped over pages that clumped together, and at one point took a piss on parts that were getting out of control.  How many people can say they pissed on their past?  All the while, glorious box cars trotted past, applauding my wild antics, and screeched "see you soon".  I took in my surroundings, thanked the night sky, humbled myself to the forces around me and even questioned those nefarious night crawlers that stayed out of sight. 

At the top of the flames I placed a hand written note that read:
"I release you!  I thank you for whom you've made me into and appreciate you letting me go to become all I've ever hoped"
The flames absorbed my intentions within a couple of seconds and I was left with nothing more then a slight grin.  This grin would continue on for the next while as the bitter memories of what was rolled around and fell into the other.  I stirred the ashes, taunted scraps that tried to roam free and did my freedom jig on all that use to bother me.

Not sure if it will work...
...but hey...for starters, I got my bed back :P

If the past won't let you be and you've tried everything...PLEASE BURN SHIT!  LET IT GO! And see what grows

Night friends

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