Saturday, September 22, 2012

Had myself an absolute Riot day2

I didn't get much sleep, the warehouse never sleeps, and there were to many Annie's for anyone to really know what was going on.  Top it off with an extremely drunk, confused, and stranded soul...yeah...not much sleep for me.  Glad to have kept my head on a swivel, helped everyone through, and got enough shut eye to explode into DAY TWO!

BooooSh!  The tomAhawk edition...

...Due to random women sleeping in my bed (without me) and no phone, TMY found himself at the fair grounds with out me, had to double back, scoop me up, and then get costumed.  I catch him up with the insanity and thank him profusely for being the truth.  We gather ingredients at a CVS, 3 cans of ready whip, a stack of paper plates, and one caffeinated beverage.  On ward to the fair grounds and into what would be a hilarious day.

Back at the front gate as people are let in and this time much more ready to reek havoc.  We are wrapped up in our talents and flash them to those that need it most.  Definitely get a lot of great looks, take some pictures, and set the tone for every ones experience.  The best part about day2, is all the performers were more in tune with one another, and came up with really interesting ways to interact as a group.  Once the surge is over, we all head back to the tent, and i change into something simpler.

First I give out two freeB's to two amazing friends, because, I feel that living with me can be an intense experience and ya know...I'm a sport because ya'll are champs...Plus...WHO DOESN'T WANT TO PIE SOMEONE IN THE FACE?!?!??!!

My mime and I take to the fair grounds.  Soon enough I look like this...

...People really like it and soon I realize I'm gona need a lot more whip cream.  Before that though, I need to apply a lot of face paint, eye make up, and make myself look as ridiculous at possible.  Just a clown and a mime strolling through Aldi.  Purchasing way to many cans of whip cream, creep out little kids, and getting ALL the ladies.  The woman at the cash registers face was PRICELESS!!!

We make it back to the festival in time to clown around a bit before gathering with the entire gang to tromp around in a parade let by Chicago's one and only Environmental Encroachment.  Stilters, bunnies, clowns, barkers, object manipulators, and a slue of other freaks.  We pass through the crowds and are consumed by an onslaught of peoples technological devices in our faces.  It's nice to be loved but whoa WHOA! back it up a step chotch.

After the parade, Dinner, and the revealing of a #4!  Have you ever taken a number 4?  Know someone that has?  It's perfect dinner conversation but it becomes interrupted by the Trio.  Senses on fire, all I can do is sing, wait for TMY, and of course more singing.  He has to use the port-O-potty and I tell him I'll wait right here.  Which really means, I'm going to watch you walk into it and then when you are inside hurl my body at the stall like a cannonball.  Then runaway and watch you come out in a drunken confused state.  Soon enough though...
I'm crying to this!!! (never heard this live before!)
I've been listening to Alkaline Trio for yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsss and have seen my fair share of shows.  I'm not cool enough to know what their shows were like at the fireside bowl but to me it was the greatest set I'd ever heard by them.  My throat couldn't take anymore and still I screamed as if I was on stage with them.  Hugged innocent bystanders and made them sing with me.

Soon after the trio is done, we are re-grouping and I can tell my mime in crime is in need of a nap.  So he passes out, along with many other people through out our tented area, and I take to my pie in the face mission all on my own some.  I've never had a more delicious job in my entire and I don't know if I've ever seen such a direct pay off ever.  People would just light up, laugh, and really let loose as soon as they knew there was no catch.  Just whip cream, a stupid clown, and what ever force they could muster into my face.  One highlight in particular was a group that put me up against a tree and smashed three pies on me at the same time in different directions.

As the last can of whip cream came to a fizzle I felt something so profound and complete.  Iggy pop was wiggling around on stage and all I could smell was dairy.  Tmy was no where to be found, so I decided to say good-bye to what was one of the greatest weekends of my life, and get home before anyone else.  I wanted dibs on the shower and I wanted to finally get some sleep.  All n all...WoW...a look into the future and just an amazing experience.  I feel so blessed to have opportunities like this and can't wait to see how else I can help my circus mom & dad out further 0:D

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