Friday, September 28, 2012


went from a mama's boy
pride & joy
to that one mama warned you about
silver split mouth
to that one everyone says doesn't exist
mama even insists
but still my stinging kiss licks long hard & fast
like a personal laugh track
inside jokes & a heavenly host
of ghosts
that sip tea with me
& come to agree
that the centuries
are comedies
4 the stars to let unfold
Mama told
Mama hold
me from being anything other then you raised me to be
I forget the mistakes
I forget the regrets
as soon as I make one of them blush
single solo
even if self made so
you've made a myth of a mighty metaphor
whose adored by many marvelous minds from shore to shore
so sure...
You protected me the best you could
so others should come bow to you first
ladies love me, leave me
But I forever hold hearts like bounced checks @ a walmart
Mama I love you
Thanks for the fresh start

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