Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's the final countdown


This is it!

I have the date for the ceremony, have begun purging all my belongings, saying good-bye to people, and preparing for what comes next.  I've been given a variety of advice the past few months and part of me wishes I was more prepared to take in some of that advice.  The other part of me (the part pushing for this madness in the first place) is happy to stroll out with what I can fit in my back back and gladly not look back.

I know now I'll be spending the fall up in the Midwest, bouncing around with various dancers I admire, and planting seeds in some of my more favorite cities.  I'm really looking forward to teaching more, learning a ton, and experiencing the fall in Minneapolis.  Who knows, maybe even get to check out the P.o.S CD release show...BooM!  Very much excited to see what it's like to street perform in a variety of cities and maybe bring some artist who have never tried it before out with me.  Most of all, I'm really excited to start writing my book, and really get this large tale off my chest.  Feels like this four years still lays extremely heavy with me and I'm hoping to find a lot of peace as I type through these memories.

Sometime in November I will head down to Tampa to spend time with my father for his 50th b-day.  Also see some amazing friends and share in some holiday spirit with those I love most.  Shortly after my fathers birthday though, I'm starting my journey towards what will be, and hope to ring in the New Year with an amazing friend.  All the while, walking, talking to myself, singing, star gazing, and taking in whatever experiences unfold before my feet.  I get so excited as I think about it all, I've waited forever to step out onto an adventure like this, and feel extremely grateful to have all the skills I do.  I can pretty much crash land in any city and be able to earn begging NEEDED!!! 

Oh the faces!  Oh the places!  OH THE GLORIOUS OASIS'S  :D

I have no idea where I'm going and for once in my life...that is fine.

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