Thursday, October 11, 2012

Half way through with day1

Crash landed in the beautiful twin cities sometime around 7in the AM and I'm still going.  This city is amazing and is on fire with all the changing tree's.  Everywhere I go there are burst of burnt red, orange, and vibrant yellows.  Friendly people, talking with one another, helping me find things, and every moment thus far has been wonderful.

Amy picked me up around 11 this morning, got me nice and settled in at her place. I grabbed some face paint, a whistle. Top hat, white gloves, and I've been performing ever since.  Have definitely bursted into a few buildings a sprayed the play with wtf sauce, blew the whistle, and then gone.

Over a delicious bagel, amy and I set up times for work shops.  Ill be subbing for her at least twice and hopefully hosting two of my own workshops.  Extra super sauce hoping to get Mr. Vonflowingstuff up here for the last one, so we can teach, cypher with dope poppers, and rage with Mr. Bill.
Right now I sit in the back of a giant circus, people balancing on neon balls, kids running up walls from trampoline bursts, unicycles scooting about furiously, and all types of acrobatics.  This place is sooooo ILL! Hooray life!
Just checking in to catch my breath, document the baby steps, and say THANK YOU!  So many dreams coming true in the months to come, I am the fortunate son, and I feel like this life has just begun.
Hope you enjoy some of the pictures, please feel free to comment on things and stuff.

Love & gratitude


  1. glad you're reading & commenting!
    See you soon mam...and then........WE DANCE!