Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sal Paradise reborn ;D


Said the good-byes, didn't cry, and cleaned up after you can in an evolving construction site.

"out with the old in with the new"

Heard that, looked around, and see so much new all around the space.  Within the past two months the warehouse has really started to come alive.  Now with Allan being added to the mix I can only imagine just how much more that place will explode.  I feel so grateful to have shared space with so many dynamic people and none of us ended up killing the other :D

My pack is packed, my bag is wrapped, and my cunning is building.  As I swung the green "C" bag over my shoulder I couldn't help but here the words "careful what you wish for" as the weight really came pulling me down.  HAhHAhHa!  Never been known to do things the "easy" way and I don't plan on starting now.

Swapped life stories with one of my more favorite female friends and we shared perspectives on the passing years.  Bliss was the subject at hand and all I hope for her to do is find it!  Well, to be frank, that's all I really want for anyone, past, present, and those to come in my journeys.  Find what moves you, what soothes you, and what brings you to your highest heights.  Love thy self and have a healthy fear of God.

If you see me along side the road, scoop me up and take me somewhere interesting.  If you are bored, check in here from week to's about to get really interesting!



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