Wednesday, October 3, 2012

hai aya

seated at the right hand of the mother
twice to swallow and be smothered
not a brighter light not another
wings of a humming and oh how sweetly they flutter
swarming me
liberating the
best intentions that have been locked away for years
showing me
All the light that will chase far away these unfounded fears
Far we have come and still I see the road to go
I love her so
from her delicate grace
through every vibrant spark of her soul
the way she holds space
is profound and untold
a brilliant white explosion
Free falling into the bliss of her positive affirmations
...I'm blessed for all she's bestowed me with
Love & Gratitude
Hope & Good Will
A million praises for the divinity she forever wields
...soft, silent, prayer
sister, mother, croon...never hesitate to call, I'll be there.

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