Monday, February 8, 2010

The heartbreak that is February prt1

So recently I was told by one of my readers to just blog and not update individual posts. So you'll be seeing part 1's and 2's and 3's for my monthly posts. I was trying to keep it neat and organized by my friend brought up a really good point. Sometimes people won't know the monthly stuff has been up dated, so now, I'll change to this format. That friend is really really smart, about a lot of things, and well this is her month.

Fitting that she should walk into my house like a stalking panther with sharp claws disguised as laughter. We met about a year ago this time at a party and it's been a hilarious ride ever since. The lines between platonic and psychotic are constantly being blurred but what she does to me is oh so explainable. Just not suitable for you the viewing audience or me the reviewing tortured wreck of a mess that pours his feeling out from his chest. What she means to me, is everything I've hoped to see in a women, but what she will come to be is yet to be seen. She came through, a delicious smelling whirl wind, blazing brown and black, and taming my cat. We hung things, listened to music, and I showed her some of my current projects. She donated what time she could, heaps of sincerity, a few judging looks (it's not all my soda), and some fantastic items to delight some ravers with. She left and I was riddled with bullet holes but felt good for keeping most of my words to myself. Jot some of them down in my book and then finished preparing for the arrival of my family.

They come by in waves and at the height of a very low key Friday night I'm pleased to entertain. It's really nice having my own place again and I'm glad to have some quality friends to share it with. Some pictures were taken, a lot of dancing was done, stories were told, and plans for the weekend were laid out. When everyone leaves I'm left alone, well, I have my meow but no human contact. I reflect and feel blessed to have as many great people in my life as I do. Not to long ago I didn't feel this way, when I first moved back I felt deeply betrayed, but over these past few years I've learned things just change. If you really let them change, naturally, and don't fight the feeling; they usually change for the better.

So Saturday comes, I do my best to continue promotions for "Deeper" and My buddy Joe meets me at my house around 3:30ish. We head to Awesome Hq, also known as Randys house, and we buy way way waaaaaaaaaay to much fruit salad. Then the gang and I (rachel, randy, joe, and scott) get to chopping all that delicious fruit for the evenings party goers. 3big ass bowels being sold @ a dollar a cup, plus were doing this massive raffle, and selling glow sticks. The evening was shaping up to be a huge success towards raising our funds for the conference in October. Joe and I head out to the venue before everyone, we need to clear out some space for him, chat with the promoter (also named Joe), and help with anything that might need helping before the doors open.

We get there and my nerves are on full blast! You can tell Joe is getting real excited as well. Cloud9 Joe is all business ordering the troops to do what needs to be done. I'd like to take a little time to talk about Mr. Cloud9. Joe and I go way back, so far back that some of the memories I have of him are abstract as I'm sure some of his about me are blurry as well. He knows about everything between my X and I and he's been a pretty consistent force in our underground scene now for well over a decade. He finds ways to give back to the world through the rave scene and is all about giving the little guy a chance. I dig Joe a lot and next to Rick and Bob he's my favorite promoter in the scene. We've crossed paths a few times in life in some really weird ways and I'm enjoying all the work were doing at the moment together. With his help this year I'm pretty sure that my conference will be a great success and when I return to chicago I hope I can help his label and company be an even greater success.

....Side note...
My cat is freaking the fuck out right now...just doing laps swiping at everything in her path, meowing like a fiend...thought I'd share.
...end side note...

So we get all set up and take what needs to be taken. This is Joe's (painter) first ever rave :D, I love bringing new people into the scene. Especially people like Joe, he has so much talent, and creativity that kids are just going to freak out over. He takes to his thing, the floasis fam shows up and we take to ours. Before I know it the party is in full swing. I'm doing some announcements here and there and then heading downstairs to back up the man that needs no backing...Bit[c]rush ( His set was only a 1/2 an hour but he dropped one of my favorite dubStep tracks so i was beaming for the next hour. One of our homeys from Detroit was in and he started dancing and slamming round, the night was bubbling nicely and we were only at like 10:30.

Back up stairs (there was an upstairs and a downstairs(a very chilly downstairs)) Joe is getting all sorts of attention and really enjoying his first every live painting session. The grin on his face was just priceless and yeah it's cheesy but that's what I do this shit for. He tells me at one point that he has no idea why he's been painting in his room all this time :D One painting goes to a friend of mine, the other to Mr. Cloud9 himself...well will be bringing it by sooner then later. The reason they didn't get raffled off was...

...Ya see...These parties...they are illegal :D i know right! shocking!!! Sometimes, they are legal, but the best ones, are always illegal. Just the fucking rush of knowing the cops could kick in the door at any moment is what makes them so memorable and what also makes them so hard to throw. Right at the height of the night, the fuzz comes, and tells everyone to get out. I saw that party dump out faster then a bukkake in fast forward.

We gather our things and everyone heads back to home base. No afters, no next party, just home, and we sit around eating fruit salad for many hours. Contention, funny stories, and good chunes selected by Tommy's MP3 player. I believe Patrick told us we'd all be shitting our brains out from all the fruit salad but whatevers. It got made, we lost the money, I'll be damned if we didn't try to at least eat our moneys worth.

This whole raising 10k thing isn't going to be as easy as I once thought. However, these new problems that keep arising only force me and my companions to come up with kraftier ways to generate the revenue. Early in the morning I climb into Joe's car and head back towards the burbs. We chat about this and that and he decides I get to be his agent...I love X. Here's to hoping I never let my good friend down and if you see him doing his thing, make sure to boost his confidence, and introduce him properly to our scene.

I make a few embarrassing early morning texts and pass the fuck out only to wake up some hours later dreading the super bowl. I was fortunate to pick up a shift at Jimmy's Grill and stumble in cracked out but in good spirits. There I flirt with some gorgeous, disingenuous Brazilian women, eat some delicious cupcakes, and make 11dollars :)

The month is off to a great start and I can only hope my money comes sooner then later. I'm still gearing up for Juggernaut on the 20th!!! Help us Help you...get on the text list and get others on. These dudes are slaving over this party and keep telling me all these crazy ass secrets they have lined up for you.

They say this month is for lovers and so far I love this month. It'll be hard to top January but man I'm up and open for the challenge. If your reading these, this, or anything on here do me a favor and subscribe. That way I know who I'm writing too and can include you along on my journey. PEACE and LOVE ya'll till next time!

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