Friday, February 5, 2010

Suicides For the Birds

What I'm about to write is really a lot of what I'm going to be talking about through out the party this weekend. Figure those of you that read will get a sneak preview and can comment if you like. Also a select few of you who read may not be able to come out because...well...whose fault is it really at this point friend? I'll take the blame and trug on with my click clacking so as to not get side I so easily do when I talk about you ;)

Yes, SUICIDE, wiki says...

Suicide (Latin suicidium, from sui caedere, to kill oneself) is the intentional killing of one's self. The most common cause is an underlyingmental disorder which include depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcoholism and drug abuse.[1] Financial difficulties or other undesirable situations play a significant role.[2]

I says...

Life is a precious precious gift...Most of us just lack the strength to properly up lift ourselves from the mess we get shoved into at an extremely early age.

It's fucking tuff!!! No joke, I empathize because I know first hand that LIFE FUCKS YOU THE FUCK UP!!!

What I've learned though, is those little "lessons" those darker moments that eat away at our mind, those help to bind with the truly glorious ones giving us STRENGTH, PURPOSE, CUNNING, AND A UNIQUE VOICE!

Its a beautiful, beautiful world, even when it's intense and painful. If you think your suffering, hop on the ole interwebz and gain some mother fucking perspective. Or, even more realistic, goto a major city and drive down Martin Luther King St/blvd/Drive. Yeah!!! it's like that...all up in your face.

Wiki also says...

Substance abuse is the second most common cause of suicide after mood disorders.[12] Both chronic substance misuse as well as acute substance abuse is associated with an increased risk of suicide. This is attributed to the intoxicating and disinhibiting effects of many psychoactive substances; when combined with personal grief such as bereavement the risk of suicide is greatly increased.[13] More than 50% of suicides are related to alcohol or drug use. Up to 25% of drug addicts and alcoholics commit suicide. In adolescents the figure is higher with alcohol or drug misuse playing a role in up to 70% of suicides. It has been recommended that all drug addicts or alcoholics are investigated for suicidal thoughts due to the high risk of suicide.[14]

Drugs are great!!! Love em!!! Will keep saying that, have been saying that before I even knew how much I loved them but MODERATION!!! MODERATION!!!

If the party is still going on and it's Tuesday.........YOUR FAILING @ Life and might just become a suicide statistic sooner then you think. Notice how I gave you a couple days leeway :) Seriously, go out, party, RAGE, just understand that those substances your "ABUSING" take a tole on your cognitive processes. They erode the ability to discern from what's right and wrong and can even get you to put things in a very dark perspective.

Yes yes, the soap box I stand on is great but I got up on this bitch for a reason...

Last year, I lost just about everything (or so I thought(you can never have everything)). I was the most depressed I'd ever been and was a complete wreck. Eating was a chore for me, I turned away my best friend, and kept communication with my family to a minimum. The bottom just wouldn't stop fucking dropping out on me, relentless sorrow sank my heart into an abyss I care to never revisit. At the climax of all these karmic shenanigans I almost ended my wonderful life. SERIOUSLY!!! not some cry for help shit, no one would have known and maybe a few would have suspected it.

Thanks to an amazing women (Ms. Wilson) and one of the most amazing human beings to ever breath our air (Mr. Graham) I came through the heart break, the tragedy, and everything else an unstoppable force here to spread these good words.


LIVE IT LOVE IT and teach every person you see how to do the same.

I suggest a bevy of hobbies, new music, and positive people to keep you in good mental health. Also, my services are almost always available, and I mean that. Kick it with me, tell me how bad you have it, and I'll just sit and listen. It's what I do...FO FREE...I mean, FO FREE...Till i get my PHD!!!

We get one, as far as I know, sure we can speculate on a great rebirth or what have you. As far as I know, this consciousness I'm a part of right now will be the only one I get.


@ Deeper this weekend will be raising money to support...

Come out, dance, be merry, and help raise awareness about the dark side of life.