Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quick Rant...

...Wake up and call about the location of my money that is just floating about somewhere in the world due to the ridiculousness of our government programs. The conversation with the operator goes something like this...

"Yo! I must warn you, I called last week around this time and the person I spoke to assured me that I'd have my money no later then today. So, I might start cussing, and yelling but it's not meant for you but your bosses who hide and won't dare deal with a thousand people like me on the phone a day."

A slight chuckle and a ruff voice responds..."Certainly sir, allow me to apologize in advance for if you do that and I hang up on you."

Were both in agreement in what will be happening if I don't hear what I want to hear and we begin the information dance. Why we do this dance I have no idea. I already gave some automated device my fucking information but here I am BURNING up anytime minutes.

I start explaining how my money was suppose to be in my account by the 1st of Feb. How i'm an adult and have bills to pay and were like 2 weeks into February and it's still not there. I explain how when I called last week I was calm and polite even though this is the 3rd fucking semester they have fucked things up. I explain how I checked my bank account at like 1a.m. before going to sleep hoping it would come in then........He asks...
"Did you check your account before calling and bothering me?"

"Well, No, I checked it last night, things always post after midnight, and the person I spoke to last week said a week at the most." On the defensive and feeling a tad bit insulted swallowing my own medications.

"Yeah, check again, two payments posted today, with a third pending." a half chuckle through the phone. "Luckily, we didn't have to do either of the things we said we were going to do."

"I guess so, not sure what luck has to do with your people doing your job but I'm just glad I can pay my bill..." CLICK!

Out into the cold to pay all my bills, take my cat to the vet, possibly even replace all the cheap nasty things in my room she pointed out...POP BOTTLES...with juice and fruit. Why does it cost so much more in this country to lead a healthy lifestyle? 2 liter of pop costs round 1 to 2 at the most depending on the sale you catch. My 2 liter of apple juice 5 bucks!!! It's like they want us to rot our fucking teeth out our mouths. Picked up all my supliments as well, paid the bills bout to pay the rent, and tuck some of that shit away into a savings account for a new car.

The day feels right and I'm only half way through. A much needed wind back into my shredded sails. Hope your doing well as well!!!

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