Friday, February 12, 2010

Two breeds

Been watching him bounce round his box now for a quick minute
365 double that, but really the stories have no time stamp they are infinite
Since as far back as I can see theres that breed that follows the simplistic
Doing what his fathers, father, father, who heard it from the father & knew no different did
Trained to go the safe route & block out the intrinsic
Successful happy lives workers of the hive lobotomized unable to become livid
@ a life lived light held down by limits
Waaaaaay to many limits
Distracted by gimics
Fancy objects wrapped up in silky ribbons
Working for possessions passing time in a comfy prison
My pupils push past the prism
Since a young age I was able to envision
A legacy opposite of what I had been given
Just a jagged juvenile smashing my family traditions
Sleeper holds on those who make the molds no escaping my submissions
Bourgeois bitching out to the man get stitches
The wild type, into the wild night, getting all my wishes
If this
Be the only one I get it's
better then good, great, grand, it's
A pasty proletarian proud to make his life epic, eclectic
Your diabolical dialectic
living to continually do the unexpected